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INET'95 : From the Program Committee Chairs (L1-4) INET'95 : From the Program Committee Chairs (L1-4)


From the Program Committee Chairs

Kilnam Chon (KAIST), Dan Lynch (Interop)
INET'95 Program Committee Co-Chairs

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The theme of INET'95 is "The Internet: Towards Global Information Infrastructure." with the thread on the World Wide Web(WWW).

The INET'95 Program Committee expanded the number of tracks from six to eight as follows;

Track				Track Leaders
--------			--------------

Application Technology		Barry Leiner, Bob Kummerfeld
Commercial & Business 		Tommi Chen
	Aspects(new track)
Education(new track)		Kathy Rutkowski, Richard Perlman,
				Michele Huston
Network and 			Peter Ford
	Application Engineering
Policy Issues			Hans Klein
Regional Issues			John Hine, Steve Goldstein
Network Technology		Suguru Yamaguchi, Paul Mockapetris
Users				Shigeki Goto, Joyce Reynolds

In addition, we organized Tutorial Program as the integral part of the INET conference. The effort was led by Haruhisa Ishida, resulting in the five one-day tutorials.

We invited around 40 papers for the eight tracks. In addition, we received 190 submitted papers, and 114 papers were accepted. 154 papers including both the invited papers and the submitted papers are presented at the INET'95 conference. The number of the presented papers is almost twice as big as the past conferences in 1993 and 1994.

INET has historically been the global conference with participation from many countries of all continents. This tradition was held very well in this year with the papers from 37 countries and 2 United Nations(UN) organizations.

Number of Papers    Countries
----------------    ---------
        76          USA
        11          UK
        11          Japan
         6          Australia
         4          Chile
         3          France, Germany, Italy, Slovak
         2          Russia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Turkey
         1          23 countries and 2 UN organizations
Nuumber of Papers   Continent
-----------------   ---------
        77          North America
         7          Central and South America 
        37          Europe
         4          Africa and Middle East
        28          Asia and Pacific
         2          United Nations

Number of Papers    Top Level Domain Name
----------------    ---------------------
        39          edu
        19          com
        12          org
        11          jp
         9          uk
         8          net
         6          au
         4          cl
         3          gov, mil, de, it, sk
         2          fr, tr, lk, nz, sg, eg
         1          us, ru, mx, in, nl, es, fi, at, ro, cn, 
                    pt, za, my, by, ua, kr, tn, su, ca, tw

Kilnam Chon(KAIST) and Dan Lynch(Interop)
INET'95 Program Committee Co-Chairs