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INET'95 : Note on Conference Proceedings (L1-5) INET'95 : Note on Conference Proceedings (L1-5)


Note on Conference Proceedings

Kilnam Chon(KAIST) and
INET'95 Program Committee Chair

voice by computer

We published Book of Abstracts, and the Proceedings as in the past. We changed the base document from the hardcopy to the online document for INET'95. The 136 papers received by 12 May 1995 were included in both the hardcopy and the online proceedings. The papers received after the deadline were included only in the online proceedings. All abstracts over 900 words are truncated in the hardcopy version of Book of Abstracts, but are not truncated in the online version.

The proceedings were enhanced by hypermeida technology based on WWW, multimedia and the comment function. You may access the INET'95 hypermedia proceedings at the following sites;

	http://patent.laws.com/open-source	(former http://inet.nttam.com, main server until July 1995)
	http://inet.hawaii.edu	(during INET'95 only)
	http://www.isoc.org	(main server after July 1995)
We plan to have more mirrored sites including Australia, Germany, Korea and New Zealand.

The conference proceedings has the following session numbers;

	Session Number  Track
	--------------  -----
	A1 ~ A8		Application Technology
	C1 ~ C4		Commercial and Business Aspects
	D1 ~ D8		Education
	N1 ~ N8		Network and Application Engineering
	P1 ~ P9		Policy Issues
	R1 ~ R8		Regional Issues
	T1 ~ T4		Network Technology
	U1 ~ U6		Users