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Network Security: Do You Know Who's Breaking in Right Now?

Patrick, John (IBM)
Giordano, Rose Ann (DEC)
Shimomura, Tsutomu (UC San Diego Supercomputer Center)
Cerf, Vint (MCI)
Best, Reginald (3COM)
Gage, John (Sun Microsystems): Moderator

Abstract voice by computer

Poll after poll of conference attendees, users, and corporations shows that the primary concern of Internet users world wide is the potential for unauthorized access to their personal or proprietary information. This issue threatens to slow or limit the worldwide adoption of the Internet for commercial use. The lack of security touches all of those who are concerned about copyright, individual privacy, and personal freedom.

What progress has been made? Is this a solvable problem? Do Internet users have to sacrifice their open, freewheeling culture in order to provide necessary security for the Net? Does this commercialization work in the current architecture of the Internet? Do we have a choice?

These are the questions our moderator will pose to a distinguished group of industry and technology leaders, each of whom has a large stake in the outcome of this debate. This should be a fiery discussion!