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"Keynote Speech: Economic Opportunity Along the Information Superhighway"
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06/28/95: from Lile Elam (lile@art.net)
I hear alot about this thing called the NII and it's abit
confusing. The Internet is internation and not just national.
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It seems that our government here in the USofA has not
realized this yet, especially with the recent Computer
Decency Act that was just appended to the Telcom bill
by Congress.
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The government can't control or regulate the Internet.
Politicians also need to go back and read the Constitution
and see that our country was based on free speech. Try and
squelch it and the government will be squelched.
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Lile Elam | "a brush in hand, a wisp of wind, she sighs
lile@art.net | knowing that this will be the great one..."
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