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INET'95 HMP -- Author Information

INET'95 Hypermedia Proceedings -- Author Information

Please update and improve your on-line paper

FTP server (ftp.nttam.com) for hypermedia proceedings is available for any correction and addtional materials.

Materials Specification

Contents            Preferable Format    FILENAME(example)

Revised paper       tar (HTML and GIF)   012.paper.tar[.Z]
                    HTML                 012.paper.html
                    ASCII text           012.paper.txt
                    GIF                  012.graph1.gif
Your portrait       GIF,200x200 or less  012.picture.gif
Audio for abstract  AU                   012.audio.au
Video clip          QuickTime            012.video.mov
                                         XXX=3 digit Paper ID 

If you can not create a file using data format above, please contact to inet-hmp-sec@nttam.com.

Directions to upload (in case of UNIX)

  1. ftp ftp.nttam.com.
  2. login in as anonymous, and enter your email address as password
  3. cd post (move to directory for posting)
  4. binary (when sending a binary file)
  5. put FILENAME
  6. quit

Please do not forget that you cannot overwrite a file of the same name. So at the second time, you may send a file with different name. After uploading a file, please send an email message to inet-hmp-sec@nttam.com.

Thank you.