INET '96 School Networking Shop - INET goes to school!

This year's INET School Networking Workshop will be a one-day event, to be held on TUESDAY, JUNE 25, immediately preceding the INET '96 conference. The focus will be to illuminate a broad range of issues surrounding use of the Internet in schools, with an emphasis on primary and secondary education and centred on four major themes. This year's workshop is also being supported by the IETF Internet School Networking (ISN) group.

This year, the School Networking Shop will feature workshops in two languages, English and French. The day will open and close with plenary sessions that will bring together both English and French speaking participants. These sessions will be simultaneou sly translated. Conference participants will spend the day in workshops of their choice, based on four major themes and offered in English or in French.

The four themes:

The Renewal of the teaching and learning process
(pedagogical practices, the learning situation, resource and materials organization, student autonomy, teacher responsibilities, skills integration, evaluation etc)

Network tools and resources
(eMail, listservs, text mode, WWW, MUD, MOO, LANS, connectivity etc)

Implementation issues: scenarios for success
(teacher in-service, school organization, administrative policies, unacceptable content, help networks, support groups, distance education, pedagogical animation, partnerships etc)

World Wide Learning
(pedagogical projects, research, exchanges of expertise, the environment, science, language and culture, mathematics, community partnerships etc)

The schedule for the day will be:

7:30-8:30       Registration/continental breakfast
8:30-8:45       Welcome - an overview of the day
8:45-9:30       Opening plenary
9:45-10:45      The Renewal of the teaching and learning process
11:00-12:00     Network tools and resources
12:00-1:30      Lunch
1:30-2:30       Implementation issues: scenarios for success     
2:45-3:45       World Wide Learning   
4:00-5:00       Closing plenary     

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