Montreal, Canada - 24 April, 1996: Today Donald M. Heath, President and CEO of the Internet Society, in association with Monique Lefebvre, President and CEO of the Centre de recherche informatique de Montreal and Andrew K. Bjerring, President and CEO of CANARIE Inc. (The Canadian Network for the Advancement of Research, Industry and Education) announced the INET'96 conference program. This year the Internet Society's annual conference is expected to draw over 2500 participants and is being hosted by Canada for the first time. A number of prominent individuals from industry, research and government were on hand for the announcement.

"The Internet Society is extremely pleased to host its sixth annual conference in Canada," said Donald Heath, President and CEO of the Internet Society. "Today we are sharing with you the results of a year's efforts from some fifty individuals who have volunteered their time and expertise to bring together what we believe will prove to be one of the best INET conferences ever," he said.

"This year we are presenting a number of prominent keynote speakers," said Monique Lefebvre, Conference Co-Chair. "They are: John Morgridge, Chairman of the Board of Cisco Inc.; Reed Hundt, Chairman of the U.S. federal Communications Commission; and French Senator Pierre Laffitte, Vice-President of the Commission of Cultural Affairs of the Senate," she said.

The 6th Annual Conference of the Internet Society is focusing on worldwide issues of Internet networking. This year's program will have some 200 presentations focusing on 50 different topics. Some of these include: applications and services; Internet commerce; learning and teaching; networking technology; social transformations; growing and regulating the Internet; economic and policy issues; and expanding and enhancing the Internet. The development of Internet networks in an ever wider variety of social, cultural, economic and linguistic contexts will also be examined. The conference brings together those extending the reach and use of Internet networks. Participants will include individuals who are developing and implementing Internet networks, applications, contents and policies for worldwide infrastructure development.

"It is a key time in the development of the Internet for Canada to be hosting this prestigious conference," said Andrew K. Bjerring, President and CEO of CANARIE Inc. "In Canada and around the world we have just begun to witness the potential of this technology. In keeping with the theme of the conference, this year we will examine just how the Internet is transforming our society and will allow individuals who are involved in the development of the Internet to share their experiences and visions of the future," he said. CANARIE is a founding organizational member of the Internet Society and a sponsor of the conference.

Other important activities associated with the conference include the one-day primary and secondary school workshop which brings together Kindergarten through Secondary school Internet innovators from around the world to learn new advanced tools and collaboration techniques. The Internet Society is also sponsoring a workshop on network technology for countries in the early stages of internetworking. The workshop precedes the conference and is held from June 16-22. "This workshop is designed to train a critical mass of professionals in network infrastructure, services and management to be able to support an extension of meaningful Internet-related activities within their country," said George Sadowsky, Vice-President of the Internet Society and Director, Academic Computing facility, New York University. "We anticipate approximately 240 participants from 100 developing countries at this year's workshop", he concluded.

INET'96 would not be possible without the collaboration of Bell Canada and others. This year, Bell is the major collaborator of the conference. "Bell offers global solutions with regard to new technologies. These solutions - of which the Information Highway is an eloquent example - are being called upon to play a key role in terms of reinventing our society. The Internet is a critical element of the Information Highway and in this regard, INET'96 represents an excellent opportunity to explore the countless development possibilities offered by the Information Highway," said Pierre Fortin, General Manager, Communications Marketing, Bell Canada.

Other sponsors include: ACCT, Alis Technologies; AUPELF-UREF; Bay Networks; Bellcore; Bunyip Information Systems Inc.; Canadian Broadcasting Corporation; Canadian Marconi; CANARIE Inc.; Centre de recherche informatique de Montreal, Cisco Systems; City of Montreal; 3COM; CyberCash; Digital Equipment Corporation; EICON Technologies, French Government, Global Knowledge Network; IBM Corporation; Industry Canada; Internet Association of Japan; MCI; Microsoft; PSINET Inc.; Positron, Publications Transcontinental, Quebec Government; Quebecor Multimedia; Quebec Telephone; SAP Corporation, Society Innovatech du Grand Montreal, Sun Microsystems; Systems M3I,Teleglobe Canada; Ericsson Communications; U.S. Defense Information Systems Agency; and UUNET PIPEX.

The Internet Society has over 5000 members and currently represents 108 countries. Founded in 1992, the Society has served as the International organization for global coordination and cooperation on the Internet, promoting and maintaining a broad spectrum of activities focused on the Internet's development, availability and associated technologies. The Internet Society acts as a global clearinghouse for Internet information and education and as a facilitator and coordinator of Internet-related activities around the world.

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