The 36th meeting of the IETF and INET '96 mark the first time these two related groups have meet in the same place and at the same time. While not a joint meeti ng per se, a great deal of interaction and the sharing of ideas is anticipated.

To facilitate this outcome, attendees of INET '96 are invited to sit in on any o f the IETF Working Group meetings or plenary sessions, and attendees of the IETF meeting will be welcomed to sit in on any of the INET '96 sessions. No one need pay both meeti ng fees.

However, should the size of the room limit the number of participants, we ask th at "visitors" relinquish their chairs.

International Schools CyberFair 96: Share and Unite

Building on the global Internet platform, International Schools CyberFair 96 participants will effectively create curricular content for use by students around the world through cooperation, mutual discovery and content creation. Participating schools will be asked to conduct a research project involving community resources and publish their project on the Internet's World Wide Web.

Canadian Networking Conference

The tenth annual Canadian Networking Conference will be held in Montreal at the Palais des Congres June 25, 1996. Networking '96 will focus on Canadian issues and events related to the evolution of the Internet in Canada.

Internet 1996 World Exposition

This fair is different in many ways from the great World Expositions, but it is a real world's fair. Cyberspace is part of the real world, and this fair is not a virtual project. It is also an ever-changing fair: we open our construction site on January 1, and construction continues throughout the year as people add pavilions, places, and events.

Medicine 2001

An international conference that will look at the impacts of new information technologies on the medical world: telemedicine, multimedia medical chart, the electronic curriculum, virtual realities and adaptive technologies.

7th Joint European Networking Conference

In line with the established tradition of the previous JENCs this 7th Joint European Networking Conference aims at bringing together individuals from research and education, industry and government who are involved with planning, developing, implementing, managing, funding, and using national, regional and international computer networks. During the four day meeting, state of the art networking issues will be presented, discussed and demonstrated.

Commercial Internet eXchange Annual Meeting

The CIX Annual meeting will be held in Montreal on June the 25th. The meeting is being held in conjunction with INET 96. CIX has set aside a block of rooms at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel.

Workshops will be held dealing with Constructing and Running a NAP, Quality of Service Metrics: Remaining Competetive and Global Regulatory Issues Facing Internet Service Providers.

CIX is also co-sponsoring the Asia Pacific Policy and Legal (APPLe) Working Group meeting on Friday, June 28th.

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