Session # A1: Multimedia

Moving Worlds - a proposal for VRML2.0
M. Mitra, Paragraph International, USA
Gavin Bell, SGI, USA
Yasuaki Honda, Sony, USA
Kouichi Matsuda, Sony, USA
Chee Yu, SGI, USA
Chris Marrin, SGI, USA

Interfacing DAVIC with the Internet to implement a Real-Time Information Infrastructure
Hiroyuki Yamada, Graphics Communication Laboratories, Japan
Tsuyoshi Hanamura, Japan
Takao Kasahara, Japan
Shingo Ueda, Japan
Harutaka Fukutome, Japan
Hiroshi Fujiwara, Japan

Delivering Music Notation over the Internet: Syntax, Parser, Viewer and GUI-Input System
Kartik Narayan, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Leong Yong, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Peter Chiam Yih Wei, Internet Research & Development Unit,University of Singapore, USA

Session # B1: Electronic Payment

Chair: Tim O'Reilly, O'Reilly and Associates, USA

Possible Economic Consequences of Digital Cash.
Tatsuo Tanaka, International University of Japan, USA

Session # C1: Internet in the Classroom: Questions and Perspectives

Internet Education Reform or False Panacea
Sherwood Dowling, USA

Telecommunications in Our Classroom: Boondoggle or a Powerful Teaching Tool
Boris Berenfeld, TERC, USA

Is Equal Computer Time Fair For Girls? Potential Internet Inequities
Rena Upitis, Queen's University, Canada
Corina Koch, Queen's University, Canada

Evaluating the Value and Effectiveness Internet-Based Learning
Yuri Quintana, The University of Western Ontario, Canada

Session # E1: Politics

Chair: Hans Klein, Institute of Public Policy, GMU, Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR), USA

The Internet and the Transformation of Political Process MAPAM - A Case Study
Amos Davidowitz, MAPAM/MERETZ (ISRAEL)

Strategic Assessment: The Internet
Charles Swett, The Pentagon, USA

The Zapatistas and the Electronic Fabric of Struggle
Harry Cleaver, Unversity of Texas, Austin, USA

The Chiapas Rebellion: Media Technology and Postmodern Politics
John Dale, University of California, Davis, USA
Michael Smith, University of California, Davis, USA

Session # F1: The Internet and Civil Liberties

Chair: David Sobel, Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), USA

Brock Meeks, HotWired and Cyberwire Dispatch
Jonathan Peizer, Director of Internet Services, Open Society Institute
Pierrot Peladeau, Editor/Redacteur en chef, PRIVACY FILES
Karen Sorenson, Human Rights Watch
Barry Steinhardt, Associate Director, American Civil Liberties Union

Session # G1: Bandwidth, Obstacles to Expansion

Chair: Florencio Utreras, Chile

Low Earth Orbiting Satellites and Internet-Based Messaging Services
Gary Garriott, Informatics, Vita, USA

The Internet: The Access Avenue for Video-Conferencing
Venilde Jeronimo, The Claremont Graduate School, USA
Ramiro Calvo, Apple Computer, Inc., USA

The Teledesic Network: Using Low-Earth-Orbit Satellites to Provide Broadband, Wireless, Real-Time Internet Access Worldwide
Daniel Kohn, Teledesic Corp., USA

Securing Radio Spectrum for Wireless Internet Access
Steve Cisler, Apple Computer, Inc., USA

Session # H1: Internet Connectivity Experiences

Chair: Alan Emtage, Bunyip Information Systems, Canada
Prospects for Development of Internet in Russia
Alexandre Kouznetsov, Institute of High-Capacity Computer Systems of the Russian Academy of Science, Switzerland

Internet Development In Asia
Peng Ang, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Chee Loh, National Computer Board, Singapore

Internet eXchange for Local Traffic - Hong Kong's Experience
Che-Hoo Cheng, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Session # D1: Character Sets for Internet Services

Chair: Borka Jerman-Blazic

Europe and the International Character Sets: Strategy of Implementationand Development in the Network Services
Borka Jerman-Blazic

Report of theIAB Character Sets Workshop: Basic Guidelines and Agreements
Chris Weider, Bunyip Information Systems, Canada

Business Multi-lingual Solutions in data Bases and Internet Services
Mike McKenna, Sybase

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