Session # A2: Resource Description

Chair: Stuart L. Weibel, OCLC, USA

The future of search in the Internet
Chris Weider, Bunyip Information Systems, Inc

Semantic Interoperability among Metadata Formats for Describing Internet Resources
Jean Godby, Office of Research, OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc., USA
Eric Miller, Office of Research, OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc, USA

An Information Communication Assistance System
Louis-Claude Paquin, University of Quebec at Montreal, Canada

Cataloguing toward a light Web indexing.
Davide Musella, University of Milan, Italy
Marco Padula, ITIM, Italy

Session # B2: Internet within Business Organizations

Chair: David Ackerman, New York University, USA Internet: Information Revolution in a Fortune 1000 Company
Sterling Yee, Hawaiian Electric Industries, USA
Philip Mow, Hawaiin Electric Industries, Inc., USA

The WWW inmersion process of a big corporation: the CFE case
Garcia Valencia, Networking Solutions, Silicon Graphics, Mexico
Juan Belair, Networking Solutions, Silicon Graphics, Mexico
Horacio Gonzales, Networking Solutions, Silicon Graphics, Mexico

Intranet Publishing - Putting Internet Technologies to Work Behind the Corporate Firewall
Lee Levitt, Process Software Corp., USA

Alignment: How to Do Business on the Internet
Margaret Logan, Gutenberg Internet Services, Canada
Robert Logan, University of Toronto, Canada

Session # C2: Classroom Access to the Net: Who will Build It?

From Nothing to the Net - experiences of an inner city school.
Fay Hartland, Falla Park Primary School, UK

Universal Service in the Educational Context
Steven Miller, Mass Corp. Educ. Tel., USA

Who Will Build the Global Schoolhouse?
David A. Thomas, Montana State University, USA

Educational Networking Challenges
Carol Richardson, Ingenia Communications Corp., USA

Session # E2: Learning from other Technologies

Chair: Robert McChesney, University of Wisconsin, USA

Historical LoopsCable, the Internet and Dreams of Social Transformation
Mark Surman, Web Networks/Nirv Centre, Canada

Public Access Television and Democratic Empowerment: Lessons for the Internet
Hans Klein, The Institute of Public Policy, USA

The Silencing of a Democratic Medium: Early Public Policy on Radio and the Regulation of the Internet
John Stevenson, Concordia University, Canada

The Second Time as Farce? Lessons from the History of Broadcasting for the Development of the Internet
Robert McChesney, University of Wisconsin, USA

Session # F2: Ensuring Internet Access

Chair: Michael Roberts, Educom, USA

Defining and Maintaining Universal Access to Basic Network Services: Canadian Experiences in an International Context
Andrew Clement, University of Toronto, Canada

The Non-Profit Applications of the Information Highways Comparison of US and EU Policies
Marie d'Udekem-Gevers, CITA - Institut d'Informatique - FUNDP, France
Claire Loet-Maris, CITA - Institut d'Informatique - FUNDP, France

Toward an Internet Census for Developing Nations
Larry Press, USA
Luis Rodgiguez, Venezuela

Session # H2: Crises and the Internet

Chair: Janet Perry, USA

Experiences from the 1st Internet Disaster Support Drill
Yoichi Shinoda, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology/WIDE Project, Japan
Jun Murai, Keio Univeristy / WIDE Project, USA

Digital Communication via the Internet in War Situations
Eric Bachman, USA

The Spirit of Internet on The Balkans and the Enactment of the Macedonian Academic and Research Network
Barton Thurber, University of San Diego, USA
Iskra Djonova-Popova, Macedonian Academic and Research Network, Macedonia

Session # D2: Directory Services: The Internet Directory, Where the Heck Is It?

Chair: Chris Wiedler, Bunyip Information Systems, Canada

Building a Working Directory Service with WHOIS++
Patrick Falstrom, Tele2, Sweden

The Internet Directory is Not Primariliy a Technology Issue
David Chadvick, University of Salford

The Internet Directory - Where the Heck is it?
Tim Howes, Netscape, USA

The Internet Directory will Not be Defined or Built by the Internet
Tony Genovese, Microsoft Corporation, USA

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