Session # A3: Health

Cyberspace Hospital
KC Lun, National University Hospital, Singapore

Description of SatelLife
John Mullaney, SatelLife , USA

Intermed: An Internet-Based Medical Collaboratory
Edward Shortliffe
G. Barnett
James Cimino
Robert Greenes
Vimla Patel

Session # B3: Internet and Mass Media

Electronic Newspapers and Their Impacts on Newspaper Industry in Taiwan
Chung-Chuan Yang, Yuan Se Institute of Tehcnology (Taiwan)

Multimedia Broadcasting and the Internet
Richard Ducey, National Association of Broadcasters, USA

CM: Canadian Review of Materials =80 A Periodical's Transition
Duncan Thorton, Canadian Review Materials, Canada
Peter Tittenberger

Open Commerce through Enhanced Attribution
John Erickson, NetRights, LLC , USA

Session # C3: Learning Diversity and Difference: Culture on the Net

How 2B dIFfeReNT - Helping Teens Cope A Secondary School Web Project
Stephen MacKinnon, Athens District High School, Leeds & Greenville Board of Education, Canada

Migrating to New Literacies X2
Alain Breuleux, McGill University, Canada
Cindy Lee Martin, Calgary Board of Education, Canada
Marcos Silva, Commission for Environmental Cooperation

Virtual Language and Virtual Culture: The Next Best Thing to Being There
Michael Dabrowski, Faculty of Humanities, Canada

Cooperative Learning, Interaction, and Creation in a Networked Educational Environment
Christopher Zegers, School of Information and Library Studies, University of Michigan, USA
Sam Cronk, School of Information and Library Studies, University of Michigan, USA

Session # E3: Ideology and Critique

Chair: Jean-Claude Guedon, University of Montreal, Canada

Power, Information, and the Mass MediaInternet Media Trends: The 1995 Counter-Revolution
Chris Adams, PhD, Goldfarb Consultants, Canada

The Internet and the Ideology of Information Technology
William Birdsall, Dalhousie University, Canada

Supporting or Subverting the Public Interest: A Critical Look at the Agenda to Connect all Schools, Hospitals and Libraries to the Information Highway
Marita Moll, Canadian Teachers' Federation, Canada

Thinking Cyber-Subjectivity: Ideology and the Subject
Erik Lee, National Taiwan University, USA

Session # F3: Internet Governance & Administration

Chair: Richard Mandelbaum, NYSERNET, USA

Governance of the Global Internet and the Global Information Infrastructure
Walter Baer, RAND, USA

Session # G3: Multicultural & Physical Access Barriers

Chair: John Mack, U.S. Department of State, USA

The Linguistic Implications of Standardization of Information Technologies
Stephane Chaudiron
Marcel Cloutier

Creating and Maintaining Nation to Nation Community Gateway Services on the WWW and the Japan Window Project
Burton Lee, Stanford University, USA
Atsuhiro Goto, NTT Software Laboratories, USA

Internet for the Disabled Community - the Singapore experience in networking and training in Internet technology for the visually handicapped, physically handicapped and hearing impaired
Ron Chadran Dudley, Disabled People's Association, Singapore
Anne Quek, Singapore Association for the Deaf, Singapore
Tan Ming, Singapore School for the Deaf, Singapore
Lim Fung, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Lim Chews, Computer Centre, Temasek, Singapore

Exploring Beneath the Surf-ace: Web-Based, High-Speed Educational Networking Activities From Project Rivers
Nancy Heath, STEM-Net, USA
Gilbert Bennett, Cable Atlantic, Canada

Session # H3: Society Catching up with the Technology

Chair: Dana Sitzler, President, TriCo Associates, USA

Privacy: Building Block or Barrier on the Internet
Elizabeth Williams, University of Canberra, Australia

The Internet and Information Control: The Case of China
Hao Xiaoming, Nanyang Technologica University, Singapore
Huang Yu, Baptist University, Hong Kong
Kewen Zhang, University of Missouri, USA

Rapid Deployment of the Internet by the Singapore Government
Ernie Hai, Government Interntet Project, Singapore

Assessing the impact of information and telecommunications on policy formulation
Fay Durrant, International Development Research Centre, Canada

Session #D3: Network Measurement and Metrics

Chair: Guy Almes, USA

Backbone Performance Analysis Techniques
Steve Corbato, USA

Diagnosing Internet Congestion with a Transport Layer Performance Tool
Matt Mathis, USA

Towards a Framework for Defining Internet Performance Metrics
Vern Paxson, USA

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