Session # A4: Location and Cacheing

Introduction to Persistent Uniform Resource Locators
Stuart Weibel, OCLC OnLine Computer Library Center, Inc., USA
Erik Jul, OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc. , USA
Keith Shafer, OCLC Online Computer Library , USA

Intelligent Agent Structures for the Internet
Leslie Daigle, Bunyip Information Systems, Inc.
Sima Newell, McGill University , USA

A Smart Internet Caching System
Gihan Dias, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka
Ravi Wijayaratne, Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka
Graham Cope, Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

Session # B4: Developing Business Communities

The Scottish Internet Business Association as a Virtual Trade Body
Glen Collie, Scottish Internet Business Association (SIBA), Scotland
Gordon Howell, Internet Business Services Ltd, United Kingdom

Using the Internet to Amplify and Support Microenterprise Development
Amy Borgstrom, Appalachain Center for Economic Networks (ACEnet, USA
June Holley, Appalachian Center for Economic Network (ACEnet), USA

Internet Competitive Advantage and the Global Economy
Puneet Kapur, Infotech Services: Internet Training & Consulting, USA

A New Vision of Community and Economic Development: A Multi-dimensional Convergence of Government, Business and the Social Sectors with the Internet.
Stan Skrzeszewski, Canada's Coalition for Public Info., Canada
Maureen Cubberly, Canada's Coalition for Public Info., Canada

Session # C4: Changing Educational Paradigms

On-line learning and teaching in an information-rich context.
Sylvie Turcotte, Centre de recherche informatique de Montral CRIM), Canada
Philippe Duchastel, Centre de recherche informmatique de Montral (CRM), Canada

Meeting the Needs of Adult Learners in Developing Courses for the Internet
Linda Stilborne, Ingenia Communications, Canada
Lindy Williams, Williams, Donaldson, and Associates, Canada

The Third Culture: The Internet and Interdisciplinary Academic Exchange
Matthew Kirschenbaum, University of Virginia, USA

Changing Paradigms
Linda Harasim, Telelearning Research Network

Session # E4: Global Transformation

Is the Internet Creating a New Trade Union International?
Eric Lee, International Federation of Workers' Education Assoc., Israel

International Labour Communication by Computer: The Fifth International?
Peter Waterman, Institute of Social Studies, The Netherlands

The Internet and a New Model of Global Social Revolution
Steven Dorsey, Academy for Educational Development, Inc , USA

Session # F4: Internet Content: Rights and Responsibilities

Chair: Paul Evan Peters, Coalition for Networked Information, USA

Jessie Marshall, US. Patent & Trademark Office, USA

Not-for-Profit Organizations and Economic Viability on the Internet
Joseph Janes, University of Michigan, School of Info & Lib Studies, USA

Trademarks on the Internet: Who's in Charge?
David Maher, International Trademark Association, USA

Session # G4: Community Networking

Chair: John Mack, U.S. Department of State, USA

The HealthNet Community Access Pilot (CAP)
Rebekah Jamieson, HealthNet, Canada

Civic Networks? Why Should Governments Bother with them?
Paul Baker, The Institute of Public Policy, George Mason University , USA

Sustainable Community Development Networks: Strategic Community-based Models for Multi-sector Networks in the North and South
Gregory Searle, International Development Research Center, Common Space Interactive, Canada

Networking for all Victorians - public librarians are driving the highway
Christine Mackenzie, Library & Information Access Services, Australia

Session #D4: Technical Aspects of Payment Schemes: Panel Discussion

Chair: James Galvin

Electronic Payment Interoperability
Alireza Bahreman, Enterprise Integration Technologies, USA

Efficient Micropayment Systems
Donald Eastlake, Cybercash, USA

The Design of the SECT (Secure Electronic Transactions) Protocal
Allan M. Schiffman, Terisa Systems, USA

Session #D5: ATM Panel

Chair: Joel Halpern

William Berry
Ann Demirtjis
John Drake
Mark Laubach

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