Consolidation of the Internet Backbone in Central America

Guy de Téramond
Red Nacional de Investigación, CRNet


The National Research Network of Costa Rica (CRNet) was awarded a Technical International Cooperation grant from the Central American Bank of Economic Integration to strengthen the Internet backbone in Central America. The project, developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Science and Technology of Costa Rica as well as with its counterparts in the region, is considered of the highest importance for the Central American area. The project has as its objective to provide high-capacity connectivity among the academic, developmental, research, technological, industrial, commercial, and governmental sectors of all the countries in the area. The basic capabilities envisioned include basic teleconference and interactive video capabilities, the use of digital microwave infrastructure in the region, and the use of high-technology equipment acquired for the various regional projects under the Hemispherewide Inter-University Scientific and Technological Information Network (RedHUCyT) of the Organization of American States.

The hope is that scientific and technological development will be enhanced and that the ties between the countries will be further strengthened. Commercial networks, interconnected to the academic networks, will also benefit from this project because their regional traffic will flow without restrictions in the area and without the delays caused by the utilization of satellite links.