Students' Extracurricular IT Activities: Inform@Puce

Fabián A. Rodríguez <>
Computer Science Student

Elke C. Meyer <>
Administration Student

Sherbrooke University
Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada


At the present time the Internet has several weaknesses:

The Inform@Puce pilot project was launched by two university students, and supported by Canada's SchoolNet, in an attempt to address these growing needs among youth. An initial francophone WWW site is being built at to help provide valid input about common practices and exemplary uses of information technologies among students.

Objectives of Inform@Puce

The main objectives of Inform@Puce are to see if such a format (WWW site) can:

The study will also conduct an exploratory (descriptive) study using a questionnaire that will be distributed in a few primary (late elementary levels) and secondary (early high school levels) schools. The collected data should provide an insight on the needs of francophone youth and their reaction to the Inform@Puce WWW site.

WWW site organization

The Inform@Puce WWW site will feature several sections to encourage students to use online resources.

Other sections might be added, depending on youth feedback.


Inform@Puce <>