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Khalil Barsoum - General Manager, IBM EMEA Industries

Khalil Barsoum was appointed General Manager EMEA Industries, IBM in January 1998responsible for all eleven of IBM's Global Industries across Europe, the Middle East andAfrica (EMEA).

Khalil now heads a dynamic group of people working together to provide technologicalsolutions for various industry sectors such as banking, insurance, government andhealthcare.

Khalil has strong views about the future of computing.  Speaking late last year,he said:  "Because of the continuous development of computer technology, marriedwith the explosion in telecommunications capabilities, the revolution will continue tomake things happen that we haven't dreamed of - things that will be very positive forsociety."  Khalil cites tele-commuting, tele-medicine and tele-education asthree notable social advances through new technology.

Before taking up his new position, Khalil was Chairman and Chief Executive of IBM, inthe United Kingdom.  He led the UK business for one year and under his guidance, theUK customer satisfaction and employee morale improved significantly.

His time in the UK was preceded by two years as President and Chief Executive of IBMCanada.  Here he built a reputation as a leader in driving effective management andleadership development programs.

In the two years the 52 year old was in charge in Canada, the company prospered.  IBM was, and still is, the leading IT exported in Canada, the the leading supplierof PC's with its Personal Services Division shipping record volumes in 1996.  All ofIBM Canada's figures for 1996 were, in Khalil's words, "very satisfactory", withexcellent results in all the key areas of hardware, software and services.

In his career with IBM, Khalil has held a string of management and senior executiveposition in Canada and the United States.  He led his team in strong growth andmarket share gain in 1995 and 1996 and , for the past two years, IBM Canada has enjoyedthe highest customer satisfaction rating the the IT industry in Canada.  Thefoundation he laid in the UK in 1997 leaves the team in a strong position to repeat hisCanadian record in the UK in 1998.

Born in Cairo, Khalil grew up with the computer industry.  His father, as head ofan IT installation, was an IBM customer.  Khalil his his homework on the back ofcontinuous printouts and got to the IBM general manager and the IBM ways.

After completing three years engineering in Cairo, Khalil emigrated to Montreal in1964.  In 1966, he graduated with a degree in electrical engineering from EcolePolytechnique ... and almost immediately joined IBM as a systems engineer.

In his spare time, Khalil is an amateur pilot.  Bitten by the 'flying bug' fiveyears ago, Khalil took up flying lessons with his then teenage daughter --and today heconsiders himself a 'weekend, good weather' flyer.

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