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Dr Bruno Dominique LANVIN

Deputy Executive Secretary of UNISTE Head, SMETC, UNCTAD/SITE (Services  Infrastructure and Trade Efficiency)
World Coordinator of the Trade Point Programme
President of the Geneva ISOC Chapter (95-97)
Chairman, Forum Committee, Telecom Inter@ctive 97
General Manager, GET UP (Global Electronic Trade UN Partnership)

A United Nations specialist in international trade issues, Dr Lanvinhas been responsible for research, analyses and negotiations related to technology andtrade. He has focused in particular on the relationship between information technologies,telecommunications, and international trade in services. As World Coordinator of the TradePoint Programme, he oversees the development of the world’s largest Internet site forpre-transactional trade information (GTPNet). Under his chairmanship, the membership ofISOC’s Geneva Chapter grew from 50 to 490.

A doctor in Economics (Troisième Cycle, La Sorbonne, Paris - France)and master in business administration (HEC, Paris-France), Bruno Lanvin is currently incharge of managing the events and exhibition of the first meeting of ‘Partners forDevelopment’ devoted to electronic commerce (Global Electronic Trade UN Partnership,Lyon November 1998), for which he is working particularly closely with private enterprisesinvolved in telecommunications, the Internet and electronic commerce.

His mother tongue is French. He is fluent in Spanish and English, andhas a basic working knowledge of Russian. He is married to Anne Miroux and has fourchildren.

Carrier record

After working as an economist for the Services of the French PrimeMinister (1978-79), Mr Lanvin was recruited by the United Nations where he wassuccessively the Special Assistant to the Director General in New-York (1981-1983), and tothe Deputy Secretary-General of UNCTAD in Geneva (1984-1990). Since 1983, he was one ofthe UNCTAD economists in charge of studies on the Services sector, and specialized oninformation-intensive services, including telecommunications (see bibliography below). In1990, he was appointed by the OECD as rapporteur of the concluding meeting of the 'Technologyand the Economy' Programme. In 1991, he became responsible for the strategic planningactivities of the newly created Special Programme for Trade Efficiency. Following thedecision made by the General Assembly of the United Nations to convene the InternationalSymposium on Trade Efficiency (UNISTE), he was appointed Deputy Executive-Secretary ofUNISTE (1993), a position which he still holds.

He is currently the world coordinator of the Trade Point Programme,through which the United Nations is establishing the Global Trade Point Network (GTPNet),which includes over 100 ‘telecenters’ in all regions of the world. A corepurpose of GTPNet is to allow traders and investors worldwide to benefit from recentadvances in the area of information technologies and telecommunications. One of DrLanvin’s responsibilities in this context is to keep abreast of the latestdevelopments in the fields of the telecommunications industry, especially as they relateto the Internet and its uses for economic and social development.

Other relevant recent activities

In 1995, Dr Lanvin was invited by the Secretary-General of the ITU toserve as a member of the advisory committee of the Strategies Forum of Telecom’95. Inthat capacity, he chaired the Forum’s Session devoted to ‘Social issues’.Also at Telecom’95, he chaired the final session of the ‘Internet@Telecom’Forum. In late 1995, he was invited by the Secretary-General of the ITU to serve as amember of the Advisory Committee of Telecom Americas, held in Rio de Janeiro from 11 to 15June 1996.

In August 1995, Dr Lanvin became the president of the Geneva Chapter ofthe Internet Society. He was re-elected in January 1996. Dr Lanvin has been a member ofthe INET’96 and INET’97 Committees, co-chairing the ‘expansion’ and‘regional development’ tracks, respectively.

In early 1996, he became the UNCTAD staff member responsible for thesubstantive and logistical preparations of the First National Event on Trade Efficiencyorganized in South Africa in parallel with UNCTAD IX (27 April-11 May 1996), and theresource person for UNCTAD’s participation in the ISAD (Information Society andDevelopment) Conference held in South Africa under the auspices of the G7 (13-15 May1996).

In late 1996, he was designated by the Secretary-General of the ITU asChairman of the Forum for Telecom Interactive (to be held in Geneva 8-14 September 1997),and a member of the Telecom Asia Preparatory Committee (Singapore, June 1997). In December1996, he served as a member of ITU’s Regulatory Colloquium. In April 1997, he chairedthe gTLD-MOU meeting hosted by the ITU, which officially launched a new worldwide effortfor ‘voluntary multilateralism’ in the area of Internet domain names.

Since September 1996, Dr Lanvin has been the head of the newly-createdUNCTAD unit for SME trade competitiveness, which is in particular responsible for the‘GII and development’ programme. His main area of responsibilities is ElectronicCommerce.

Academic qualifications, publications

Bruno Lanvin holds a PhD (Doctorat de Troisième Cycle) in Economicsfrom the University of Paris I, Panthéon-La Sorbonne (1980), an MBA from the Ecole desHautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC, Paris, Promotion 1977), and a BA (MP1) in Mathematics andPhysics (University of Valenciennes, 1972). He has taught international economics andinformation technology management in several American and European universities (LongIsland University in New-York, Webster University MBA Programme in Geneva, i.a.). He hasbeen a regular lecturer on telecommunication issues at the Institut National desTélécommunications (INT) as well as at the CERAM (Mastère Réseaux), in France, andMichigan State University (Telecom European Programme). A frequent invited speaker ininternational meetings he has addressed telecom issues in a wide number of fora such asIDATE (Institut Européen pour l’Audiovisuel et les Télécommunications,Montpellier, France) since 1987, Networked Economy Meetings since 1993, or the StrategyForums of the ITU Telecom events, since 1994.

Dr Lanvin is the author of numerous publications on informationtechnology and international trade (see below), including 'Global Trade ' (IDATE,Paris, 1989), and 'Trading in a New World Order' (Westview, Boulder, 1993). Hecontributed to ‘Trading Telecommunications - A Contribution to a European Doctrine’(IDATE, 1992), and, most recently, to ‘The New Information Infrastructure’(W. Drake ed., Twentieth Century Fund, New-York, June 1995). He has been a member of thescientific committee of ‘Communications & Strategies’ since itscreation in 1990.

Publications on telecommunications, information technology, trade andservices

Lanvin, Bruno (1986a) La société d'information en suspens, Futuribles,Oct-Nov, Paris.

Lanvin, Bruno (1986b) Réseaux et compétitivité, Bulletin del'IDATE No 25, IDATE, Montpellier.

Lanvin, Bruno (1987a) International Trade in Services, InformationServices, and Development: Some Issues, UNCTAD Discussion Paper No 23, UNCTAD,Geneva.

Lanvin, Bruno (1987b) Information Technology and Competitiveness in theService Industry, Bulletin de l'IRES No 119, Université Catholique de Louvain.

Lanvin, Bruno (1988a) Information, commerce international des serviceset développement, in O. Giarini & J.R. Roullet ed.,L'Europe face à la nouvelleéconomie de service, PUF, Paris.

Lanvin, Bruno (1988b) Les services avancés, infrastructure dudéveloppement, Mondes en Développement No 60, Janvier-Mars, Paris.

Lanvin, Bruno (1988c) Services intermédiaires et développement, in Ledynamisme des services aux entreprises, Special Issue of Revue d'EconomieIndustrielle, Paris.

Lanvin, Bruno (1989a) Information, Services, and Development: someconceptual and analytical issues, in Albert Bressand and Kalypso Nicolaïdis ed., StrategicTrends in Services, an inquiry into the Global Service Economy, Services World Forum,Harper & Row, Ballinger Division, New-York..

Lanvin, Bruno (1989b) Participation of Developing Countries in aTelecommunication and Data Services Agreement: some elements for consideration, in PeterRobinson, Karl P. Sauvant and Vishwas P. Govitrikar ed., Electronic Highways for WorldTrade, issues in Telecommunication and Data Services, ATWATER Series on the WorldInformation Economy, Westview Press, Boulder, Colorado.

Lanvin, Bruno ed. (1989c), Global Trade: the Revolution beyond theInformation Revolution, IDATE, Montpellier/Paris.

Lanvin, Bruno (1991), Services and new industrial strategies: what isat stake for developing countries?, in Peter W. Daniels and Frank Moulaert eds, TheChanging Geography of Advanced Producer Services, Belhaven Press, London.

Lanvin, Bruno ed. (1993), Trading in a New World Order, No 3 inthe Atwater Series on the Informaton Economy, Westview, Boulder (Colorado).

Lanvin, Bruno (1994, a), Trade Efficiency and Global InformationHighways, New Trader, No 24 (Winter 94), World Trade Center Magazine, Geneva.

Lanvin Bruno (1994, b) Télémédiations et relations économiquesinternationales. Plaidoyer pour une triangulation du commerce global, La Lettre duManager, (December), ENSPTT, Paris.

Lanvin, Bruno (1995, a), The UN at the Vanguard: Internet, Trade andDevelopment, UN Special, No 529 (April),

Lanvin, Bruno (1995, b), Trade, Development and the GlobalInformation Infrastructure: an African Challenge, paper presented at the AfricanRegional Symposium on Telematics and Development (Addis-Ababa, April 1995), UNECA,E/ECA/ARSTM/48.

Lanvin, Bruno (1995, c), Why the Global Village Cannot AffordInformation Slums, in William J. Drake ed., The New Information Infrastructure,Twentieth Century Fund, New-York.

Lanvin, Bruno (1995, d), Contributed the chapter on ‘TheGeopolitics of Infopower’, in G.L. Franco ed., World Communications, Le MondeEconomique, Paris and London.

Lanvin, Bruno (1996), Giving GII a Development Dimension, inCattell-Lanvin-Vellucci ed., The Global Trade Point Network, WTC Geneva.

Lanvin, Bruno (1997), L’Afrique qui gagne,

Lanvin, Bruno (1998), Telecommunications and development: Who willbenefit from the GII, ITJ, London, to be published.

Lanvin, Bruno (1998), Le commerce électronique, Publisud, Paris, to bepublished.

Plus numerous interviews for newspapers, journals, radio and TVstations.

Teaching experience

Dr Lanvin has taught international economics, management informationsystems,business management, communications skills and advanced mathematics in severalEuropean and American universities. He is a regular lecturer at major universities onissues related to international business, telecommunications and electronic commerce.

Other information

Holder of several records in track and field (100m, 200m and 4x100m,1970-72), and former coach and captain of the ‘Europe’ soccer team of the UNleague in New-York (1981-83), Dr Lanvin was born in 1954.


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