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INET'98 Press Release

For Immediate Release
May 26, 1998


Dianna Husum
619-297-9666 (voice)
619-297-9667 (fax)

Web-Vantage Will Publish Daily Internet News Reports from INET 98

Today, the Internet Society and Web-Vantage announced that Web-Vantage will beelectronically publishing daily reports from INET'98 taking place in Geneva, Switzerlandbetween July 21-24, 1998.

As the Official Online Newsletter for INET 98, Web-Vantage will be providing daily newsreports and features articles via e-mail and the World Wide Web to keep the globaltechnology community abreast of happenings at this important industry event.

"We are pleased that, Web-Vantage has agreed to do daily online coverage of theInternet Society's Conference (INET98) We are looking forward to having INET'98 available via e-mail and the Web to more than7,000 ISOC members, 100 organizations representing 150 countries and Web-Vantage's 25,000readers. '' said Martin Burack, Executive Director of the Internet Society."Web-Vantage has a proven record in providing live online publishing services and hasthe ability to identify, target and reach WWW decision makers and those who influence themwith in-depth feature stories on emerging Internet technology. Such editorial strength isintegral to providing attendees and non attendees alike with comprehensive conferenceinformation."

"At Web-Vantage, we believe that daily online coverage of conferences relating to the Internet and/or WWWwill soon be the norm. Email & Internet/WWW delivery systems have distinct advantagesover publishing the show daily in print. said '' Raymond Husum, Executive Publisher ofWeb-Vantage. "These electronic mediums are ideal for the dissemination of timelyinformation to Internet professionals. For attendees, exhibitors, companies and nonattendees alike, daily electronic reporting will extend the conference experience beyondthe boundaries of the conference to the entire WWW development community."

Members of Web-Vantage's editorial staff have four years of experience in providing"live" Internet coverage of global technology events. Editor Dianna Husum hasmanaged coverage of seven "live" publications for such events as the SecondWorld Wide Web Conference (Sept. 1994), the G-7 Ministerial Conference, InformationSociety (Feb 1995), Supercomputing xx (1995, 1996, 1997), and DCI's Internet Expo 1998.

Web-Vantage LIVE from INET 98 will be published July 21-24, 1998. It will be availablefree to anyone who registers for a trial subscription to Web-Vantage.

Organizations interested in sponsoring or advertising in Web-Vantage LIVE from INET98can contact Raymond Husum ( advertising information and rates.

About INET 98
The Internet Society's annual INET conference, to be held July 21-24 in Geneva,Switzerland, is the premier international event for Internet professionals. INET'98 is thecrossroads at which the world's leaders and pioneers of cyberspace meet. Corporateleaders, industry and government representatives, network technologists, and legal, policyand social experts, among others, exchange experiences, share information, and plan theirnext steps that will shape the future of the Internet. INET'98 will address the impact ofthe Internet on commerce, education, and societies throughout the world. Multipleconference tracks will address critical issues ranging from network engineering to userneeds, from regulatory issues to the Internet's role as a conduit for social change, andfrom the transformation of education to the redefinition of commerce. Information onINET'98 is available on the Internet at

About the Internet Society
Since 1992, the Internet Society has served as the international organization for globalcoordination and cooperation on the Internet, promoting and maintaining a broad spectrumof activities focused on the Internet's development, availability, and associatedtechnologies. The Internet Society acts not only as a global clearinghouse for Internetinformation and education but also as a facilitator and coordinator of Internet-relatedinitiatives around the world. Through its annual International Networking (INET)conference and other sponsored events, developing-country training workshops, tutorials,statistical and market research, publications, public policy and trade activities,regional and local chapters, standardization activities, committees and an internationalsecretariat, the Internet Society serves the needs of the growing global Internetcommunity. From commerce to education to social issues, our goal is to enhance theavailability and utility of the Internet on the widest possible scale. More informationabout the Internet Society can be found at

About Web-Vantage
Web-Vantage -- the technology guide to the emerging Internet is a completelyInternet-native resource with no printed counterpart. Designed to function as acomprehensive information resource for the Internet development community, it was foundedin 1997 by Dianna Husum, the founding editor of WEBster - the cyberspace surfer, the firsttext-on-demand e-zine to cover WWW technology. More information about Web-Vantage can beobtained at http://www.web- 

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