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Laptop Connectivity at the conference

If you are bringing your laptop to the conference and plan to connect from your hotel room this may, or may not, prove to be easy. From many hotels, it is difficult to maintain anything except local modem connections; even these may only allow low connection speeds (e.g. 4800 baud). If this proves to be the case at your hotel, you can do the following:

  1. Use the computer room available at the convention center (Palexpo) during the day and into the evenings. This room will have direct, high-bandwidth connections to the internet. It will be possible to connect to the local hubs either directly by 10Mbit Ethernet or by modem. Be sure to bring the appropriate cables and PCMCIA cards and power plug converters (Swiss mains power is 230 volts, 50 cycles) for your laptop. Volunteers will be available to help with configuration problems.
  2. Use a direct mobile phone data connection. Switzerland uses the GSM mobile phone system at 900 MHz (the world standard, but most North America mobile phones don't use it). Swiss mobile phones and GSM PCMCIA data cards can be rented for the length of the conference (or longer, if you plan to holiday in Switzerland). It isn't cheap, and connectivity is generally limited to 9600 baud, but it provides maximum flexibility. On-the-spot rentals may be available, but to guarantee a GSM connection we must have your reservation by 30 June.

Laptop Connectivity from Geneva Hotels

As noted, lap connectivity can be a problem in some Geneva hotels. The information below has been provided by the hotels. We have not been able to sample the connection speed from as many different hotels as we would like, but experience shows that even when hotels offer modem connections in the rooms, the quality of the hotel's PBX may seriously restrict connection speeds. Hotels not listed have either not responded to our enquiries or have indicated that modem connections are not presently available.Information for specific hotels is given below:
Headquarters Hotel
Holiday Inn Crowne PlazaAdapters available at front desk for room phonesConnections from rooms are difficult, and rewiring which will correct this problem will not be completed before the conference. One of the function rooms will be equipped with direct phone lines which should work quite well, and this room will be available to hotel guests.
Five star hotels
Beau RivageISDN plugs in all roomsNot clear whether this refers to a digital phone system, or to special plugs for laptop connection
IntercontinentalModem plugs are supposed to be available in all roomsNot personally checked. Did not answer specific requests for information.
Noga HiltonRJ-11 plugs in all rooms for laptopsNot personally checked.
There is an Internet Cafe in the same building
Metropole   Some computers available for guest use.
RamadaModem plugs available in all roomsNot personally checked.
SofitelRJ-45 ISDN available in all roomsNot personally checked. Unclear whether this refers to a digital phone system, or to special laptop connections.
Four star hotels
Du Midi"Available at reception"Not clear whether this refers to adapters for room phones, or to special connections available in the lobby
Forum Park
(formerly called the Penta)
RJ-11 socket in all roomsBusiness center has a PC and printer available; not personally checked
Grand PréModem plugs available in all roomsNot personally checked
MövenpickAdapters for room phones available from desk; some rooms have separate socketNot personally checked
WarwickModem plugs in all roomsNot personally checked
Three star hotels
Mövenpick Cadett    

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