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Membership in the Internet Society

Working with you . . .

to keep the Internet

working for you . . .

Complete information and descriptions of all Internet Society activitiesare available at:

  • Membership in ISOC shows an interest in and a commitment to the Internetand its continuing viability.
  • More than 7,000 individuals and 100 organizations representing 150countries agree: ISOC helps keep the Internet open and usable.
  • ISOC was formed in 1991 and incorporated in 1992 by some of the mostinfluential people in the development of the Internet. It was establishedto be the international organization for global cooperation and coordinationfor the Internet and its internetworking technologies and applications.
  • The Internet Society, like the Internet itself, is not bound by geographyor politics, but by communications and interactions.

EffectingGlobal Change

Leadership - taking a highly visible role to defend user's rights,influence policy decisions and to bring diverse interests together to developworkable solutions.

Protection - promoting Internet self-governance, open commerceand communication. ISOC's presence worldwide promotes cooperative involvementto enable the Internet to achieve its maximum potential.

Consensus Building - creating a coherent communications platformto prevent fragmentation of the Internet into different factions is theglobal chart of ISOC's standards bodies:

  • the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
  • the Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG)
  • the Internet Architecture Board (IAB)

Education - training tomorrow's workforce, teachers and leaders.ISOC extends its education outreach to train the workforce, teachers andleaders of tomorrow.

Opportunitiesfor Participation

Chapters - are being formed worldwide to provide a local forumfor members to network and discuss Internet-related national and regionalissues.

NDSS - a conference dedicated to sharing the latest informationabout leading edge security technologies and applications. Attendees includeresearchers, implementers and users.

INET - meet the Internet visionaries and leaders from aroundthe world at ISOC's annual conferences that promotes cybersynergy.

OnTheInternet Magazine - reports on the latest developmentsin Internet technology and policy and the influence of the Internet onbusiness, education, government and culture. Published bimonthly and mailedto the membership.

ISOC Forum - published on-line and your immediate access to Internetnews from around the world, the latest developments from the Internet Societyand its initiatives, and other timely information about related topics.Also includes a comprehensive list of conferences, seminars and workshops.

Participationthrough Membership

Associate Member - for individuals at all stages of career developmentwho want to participate and support ISOC's activities to foster the evolutionof the Internet.

Student Member - for individuals who are enrolled in accreditedcollege-level, graduate and postgraduate, studies.

Qualifying Member - for individuals in designated countries only; does not include a subscription to OnTheInternet magazine. For complete details, see:

Organizational Members - may participate at several levels. Forcomplete information please refer to

ISOCApplication for Membership

Please submit your membership application electronically at:

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