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Network Training Workshops
for Countries in the Early Stages of Internet Internetworking

11-19 July 1998




Ateliers 1998 sur les technologies
réseaux pour les pays en développement

Spanish/Portuguese speaking workshop being held simultaneously in Rio de Janeiro.

Versão em Português

Versión en Español

For a copy of the Network Training Workshop announcement, including a blank application, send e-mail to: <>.

Professionals from around the world will be taught the design,operation, maintenance and management of Internetworks when they attend the InternetSociety's (ISOC) 6th Network Training Workshop for Countries in the Early Stages ofInternetworking, 11-19 July 1998. More than 900 previous graduates have performed a vitalrole in setting up the Internet connections and networks in virtually every country thathas connected to the Internet during the past five years. A new cadre of networkingprofessionals will again be taught the technical and operational aspects of establishingand managing their national network infrastructure.

For the first time ever, in 1998, there will be Workshops given in four different languages and held in two locations, simultaneously:

  • Geneva, Switzerland (English & French)
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Spanish and Portuguese)

The focus of the workshop is to assist countries that are either not yetconnected to the Internet or are in the process of developing and enhancing an initialnational Internet. For all Geneva attendees, and some Rio de Janeiro attendees, attendanceat the workshop includes attendance at INET'98. Those workshop participants attending theINET'98 Conference will also receive significant discounts to the Pre-Conference Technicaltutorials, K-12 Workshop, and to the Developing Countries Networking Symposium, scheduled20-21 July 1998 in Geneva.

The workshops are an outgrowth of and build upon the experiences of fivesimilar workshops held during 1993-1997 at Stanford University, U.S.A., Czech TechnicalUniversity in Prague, Czech Republic, University of Hawaii, U.S.A., McGill University,Montreal, Canada, and Petronas Training Center, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


The goals of the workshops are:

1.  To train a critical mass of trainer/ professionals in networkinfrastructure, transport, services, and management to be able to support an extension ofmeaningful Internet-related activities within the countries represented.

2.  To identify and share individual and institutional contacts aswell as information sources that will assist the process of national development, usinginternational Internet connections.

3.  To build robust professional linkages between all participantsin the programs so that the mentor-student and colleague-colleague relationships formedduring the workshop and conferences will remain strong and of continuing usefulness wellbeyond the workshop and conference.

4.  To increase the level of cooperation among existing projectsand activities for establishing public data networks in developing countries.

5.  To train people and groups of people who will return to theircountry and region and who will teach others what they have learned at the workshop. 


The following section describes the English workshop to be held inGeneva.

Click here for information on the French workshop

Click here for information on the Spanish or Portuguese workshop

or write to the address at the end of this announcement.An intensive program of instruction is planned for the workshop,composed of four instructional tracks, plus a supplementary pre-workshop session for somespecifically invited participants. Participants attend only one of the four tracks, sincethe tracks run concurrently.

All participants (except those in the National Network Management track)will engage in extensive hands-on training, either setting up a prototype network or usingactual Internet resources or both, as appropriate, using the Workshop facilities .

The course descriptions below include for each instructional track:

Track Leader: Leader's Name, Organization, Country

1. Who should attend the workshop.

2. What you need to know to enter the workshop and benefit from it(prerequisites.)

3. What you will learn in the workshop.

4. What you should be able to do after completing the workshop (goals.) 

TRACK 1: Host-based Internetworking Technology   

Track Leader:
Brian Candler, Demon Internet Ltd., United Kingdom

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Technical staff who are operating orinstalling a TCP/IP based network and providing TCP/IP based services (such as mail, file,web) to end-users. Those are involved in the establishment and/or operation of an Internetpresence, possibly initiating the deployment of a basic national network infrastructure inthe country.

PREREQUISITES: UNIX use and preferably some UNIX systemadministration. Some knowledge of, and experience with, computer networks.

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: Techniques for design, set up andoperation of a TCP/IP network. Knowledge of routing, network troubleshooting, interiorrouting protocols, domain name system, providing dial-up connectivity, and TCP/IPapplication servers such as mail and web.

GOALS: To be able to design, set up, and operate aTCP/IP network with a permanent connection to the international Internet, and to provideTCP/IP services to end-users, using primarily PC hardware and Unix.

Based upon the applications received, Track 1 and Track 2 may becombined into a single, Internet Connectivity track.  

TRACK 2: Backbone Internetworking Technology

Track Leader:
Alan Barrett, UUNET Internet Africa, South Africa

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Technical staff who are now or soonwill be building or operating a wide area TCP/IP backbone network, likely withinternational and/or multi-provider connectivity.

PREREQUISITES: UNIX use and preferably some systemadministration. Some knowledge of, and experience with, computer networks, preferablyTCP/IP-based.

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: Techniques for design, setup, andoperation of a metropolitan, regional, or national TCP/IP dedicated backbone network.Detailed knowledge of routing, network troubleshooting, backbone engineering, interior andexterior routing protocols, domain name system, NIC name and address coordination. Theemphasis will be on use of dedicated routing hardware.

GOALS: To be able to design, set up, and operate ametropolitan, regional, or national TCP/IP dedicated backbone network, with a permanentconnection to the international Internet.

Based upon the applications received, Track 1 and Track 2 may becombined into a single, Internet Connectivity track.  

TRACK 3: Network Navigation and Services

Track Leader:
Jill Foster, Netskills, University Newcastle, United Kingdom

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: would-be providers of Internet-basedinformation services; also those supporting and training potential information providerson the non-commercial Internet.

PREREQUISITES: A good user-level knowledge of thevarious Internet services such as email and the World Wide Web is highly desirable. Noprogramming skills are required.

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: How to set up and design qualityInternet Information services with emphasis on the World Wide Web. Since an importantreason for your attendance will be to enable you to pass on your knowledge to others,there will be sessions on how to support and train users and providers of information.

Note that this is NOT a programming course.

The main topics covered will include:

  • A brief introduction to the Internet and Internet tools
  • Setting up and maintaining quality information services
  • World Wide Web servers
  • World Wide Web clients
  • Search services
  • Caching strategies
  • HTML authoring
  • How to support and train users and providers of information

The following will be discussed:

  • Security issues
  • Legal and ethical issues
  • National infrastructure issues

An awareness of topics such as the following will be given

  • CGI scripts
  • JAVA
  • JavaScript

The course is a mixture of presentations and demonstrations withemphasis on hands-on practical experience. You will work in small teams to design and setup web services during the workshop.

GOALS: Ability to set up and design quality InternetInformation services; ability to support and train users and providers of information.

TRACK 4: National Network Management

Track Leader:
Geoff Huston, Internet Technology, Telstra, Australia

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Individuals who will have theresponsibility for management of a network. The topic of "management" coverstechnical, operational and business management of national Internet services.

PREREQUISITES: Rudimentary familiarity with theInternet, and familiarity with management of information technology at a technical level.

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: Exposure to the aspects ofmanagement of a public Internet network on a national scale, including areas ofoperational and policy management commonly found with Internet development. No technicalor hands-on component is included, although the managerial aspects of various technicaltopics is covered.

GOALS: Capability to manage the development of anational public Internet, guiding its development into the role of a cost effective anduseful communications resource.


The workshop activities will be held in Geneva, Switzerland.Participants will be housed at the training facilities during the Workshop and the INET'98Conference. Working Language The working languages of the workshop will be English, goodcomprehension of spoken and written English will be required of each participant. Somemembers of the instructional staff will have some degree of proficiency in languages otherthan English. For information on the Internet Society French and Spanish workshops, seeour web site or contact us at the address shown at the end of this announcement.


Participants should plan to arrive at their workshop location on orbefore 1800 hours on Saturday 11 July, and leave Geneva after 1300 hours on Friday 24 July. Exact arrival requirements may depend on the Track selected. We will notify you of yourtravel requirements when you are accepted.

INET'98 begins at 1800 hours, Tuesday 21 July and ends at 1230 hours onFriday 24 July.


The workshop is specifically directed toward the needs of people fromdeveloping countries who are playing or will play an important part in introducing andextending public internetworking in their countries and regions. Attendees should beinvolved in planning to establish or in establishing the Internet's presence in theircountries and regions, in institutionalizing its operation, and/or in assisting thecountry's schools and universities, governmental agencies, local firms, and residents inlearning about and exploiting the range of services available through the net.

Staff members of international and bilateral technical co-operationagencies, as well as professionals having substantial involvement in internationaltechnical assistance activities, are also eligible for admission as space allows.

Participants who have attended one or more previous Internet TechnologyNetwork Training Workshops (formerly Developing Countries Workshop) will be considered eligible toattend the 1998 workshop; however, these former participants must apply for a course ofstudy other than subjects studied previously. Their request must be consistent with theirresponsibilities in a national and/or regional context, and a convincing argument forrepeated attendance must accompany the application. This should include a statement of theactivities carried out as a result of the previous workshop. Less financial aid will beavailable for repeat attendees than for first-time applicants.

Application for Admission

To apply for admission, please complete the application form below andreturn it as soon as possible. If you expect to attendthe workshop as the result of being awarded a United Nations or similar fellowship awardedby a multilateral of bilateral aid agency, please inform us of the details in yourapplication.

Applicants will be notified of their acceptance to the program and theamount of financial aid available to them at the end of April. Please note that in thiscontext, the workshop activity includes attendance at the INET'98 Conference. If you areadmitted to the workshop, you should NOT register separately for the Conference; that willbe done automatically for you.

NOTE: Applicants are required to submit some form of reliableelectronic address (Please make an effort to give an electronic mail address if possible;a reliable FAX number should also be included on your application, and can be used forcorrespondence if email communication is not possible.)in order to expedite notificationof their acceptance as well as any further correspondence. Please be sure that all of thecontact information you submit is legible and accurate, or we will not be able to contactyou.


Every visitor to Switzerland must have a valid passport in order toobtain the necessary visa from Switzerland. If you apply to attend the workshop, beprepared to obtain a passport immediately upon receiving an invitation to attend, orsooner if practical, since visa procedures may be lengthy.

It is the responsibility of participants to ascertain the visarequirements that apply to them and to obtain any appropriate visas (including transitvisas) needed to attend the workshop and the related conference. Complete visa information for passport holders from specific countries is available at <>. The Internet Society willassist applicants in this matter by providing visa application information as well asinformation regarding the Workshop, the Society and its professional goals and activities.


The cost of attending the workshop and associated events is U.S. $3,500.Your acceptance may depend on your ability to provide some or all of the funding for theworkshop and air transportation. This fee includes:

  • All tuition and fees for the workshop.
  • All lodging charges from Saturday, 11 July through Friday, 24 July.
  • All meal charges for the period starting with dinner on Saturday evening,11 July through breakfast on Friday morning, 24 July.
  • Registration at the INET'98 Conference (21-24 July), including thosemeals and social events included in conference registration.

Participants should bring the equivalent of U.S. $50 for airporttransfers and departure tax. Participants may wish to budget approximately U.S. $50-250for optional travel and other needs and activities (laundry, etc.) from Sunday 19 Julythrough the morning of Friday, 24 July. For some candidates, the Internet Society willprovide financial assistance to cover a part or all of each participant's overallexpenditures. If you request financial aid for the workshop, please be certain to providethe financial information that will be requested in the application for admission.Financial aid will take the form of either pre- paid airline tickets for travel to andfrom your workshop location and also to Geneva for the INET'98 conference, partial ortotal coverage of the workshop fee, or both.

The overall amount of aid available will be limited. Please make allpossible efforts to secure whatever funding is possible from sources known to you. If youare requesting financial aid, please tell us why it is necessary, how you expect to fundpart of your expenses, and what efforts you have made and are making to obtain additionalaid. Aid from ISOC may depend upon your ability to obtain partial financial support fromother sources.

Additional Information

Specific questions regarding the workshop may be directed to CarlaRosenfeld, Manager of Conferences, by sending email to <> or send by postal mailto 1998 Workshop Info, Internet Society, 12020 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 210, Reston,VA, 20191-3429, USA.

Report on the 1997 Workshop

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