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Application for Admission

The Internet Society's
1998 Network Technology Workshop


A. Personal Data

Family Name (last name, surname) only
Full Name
Home Address
Postal Code
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Business Address
Postal Code
Business Telephone
Fax (if any)
E-mail address (if any)
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Date of birth (day/month/year)
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Are you an ISOC member?
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Your ISOC member number if you know it:

Knowledge of English:

Please rate your knowledge
in these categories:

Knowledge of French:

Please rate your knowledge
in these categories:

B. Course of Instruction

Instructional track applied for:
 Track 1 Host-based Internetworking Technology
 Track 2 Backbone Internetworking Technology
 Track 3 Network Navigation and Services
 Track 4 National Network Management

Please indicate any specific interests within the area (track) you have chosen:

C1. Technical Skills

This section to be completed only
for applicants attending
Tracks 1 or 2

1. Are you a UNIX user? How much have you used it?

2. Have you been a UNIX system administrator?
Describe your experience (length of time, versions, etc.).

3. Have you used/administered TCP/IP networks?

4. Have you used or run a BBS?

5. Have you set up UUCP? How many times?

6. Have you set up modem initialization strings?
In what circumstances? How many times?

7. What other operating systems are you familiar with
(e.g. MacOS, Appletalk, MS-DOS, Novell Netware,
Banyan Vines, VMS, DECNET, etc.), and for how long
have you been a user or administrator of each?

8. Have you configured and operated a Domain Name System server?
How many zones?

9. Have you configured routing on either dedicated router
hardware or a UNIX host?
If yes, please list manufacturer/model/software version(s)
and protocols routed.

C2. Internet Experience

This section to be completed only for applicants
attending Track 3.

1. Do you have experience in using the following Internet services?

(Please qualify your experience using 0 to 5;
0 means no experience and 5 a lot of expertise).


2. Do you have experience running Internet services?
(Please qualify your experience using 0 to 5;
0 means no experience and 5 a lot of expertise).

News server
FTP server
Web server
Searching/Indexing services
Caching Server

D. Description of Role in National Networking Activities

Your answers to the questions below will be used
to determine whether to admit you to the workshop.
Please be sure that your information is sufficiently clear,
well organized and adequate for this purpose.

1. A summary of your educational and professional background.

2. A description of your current employer, your position,
your duties and responsibilities, and how they relate to
current and future data networking activities in your country.

3. A brief description of your computing and networking
environment (operating systems, networking software,
modems, etc.), including the connectivity of your organization
to the Internet and your country's connectivity to the international Internet.

3a. Scope of your institution (check all categories that apply):

General Research
International organizations
(UNESCO, UNDP, World Bank, etc.)
Internet Provider
National Network Support
Special Interest Group

3b. Approximate number of full time staff at your institution: 

4. How your training and current work prepare
and qualify you for the track you wish to attend.

5. How you expect to use the knowledge you gain
at the workshop and the INET'98 conference
after you return to your country.

6. If you have previously attended Internet Society Workshops for Developing Countries,

1. Year and track you attended:

2. A precise description of how you have used the
training you have received in the past:

3. The significant advances in networking which
have occurred in your country specifically because of
your knowledge and effort:

E. Financial Information

Your application must contain the following complete information
if you wish to be considered for financial support to attend the workshop.
Your acceptance into the workshop may depend on your ability
to provide some or all of the funding.

1. Are you are requesting financial aid from the Internet Society (ISOC)
for attending the workshop and conference?


2. If you are requesting financial aid, please provide a complete list of funding
sources in the following form. The list should contain all sources of funds that
are available to you for payment of the workshop fee.

1. Your InstitutionU.S.$
2. Your GovernmentU.S.$
3. From international organizationsU.S.$
4. Your personal contributionU.S.$
5. Amount you ask from ISOCU.S.$
TOTAL IncomeU.S.$3,500.00

3. Will you provide your own airfare?


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