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Welcome To The INET'98 POSTER' Page  Program

Poster Session Programme

Set Up: Tuesday, 21 July, 16:00 - 20:00 (Exhibition Hall2)

Opening Ceremony: Wednesday 22 July 12:30

Poster Contest: Wednesday 22 July 13:00

Poster Session Days: Wednesday and Thursday,22-23 July

Poster Session Times: 12:30 - 14:00

Note: There will not be a poster session Monday-Tuesday, 20-21 July or Friday, 24 July.


The Poster Session is an integral part of INET'98 which provides a medium forpresentation of interesting initiatives and ideas and a venue for close and intensediscussions by all conference participants. The main objective of "PosterSessions" is to increase the involvement of the Internet community attending theconference. Presenters will be presnting their Posters during the two-days sessions.

Poster Contest "Classical" posters, hard-copies displayed on a board, will beup continuously to promote interactions. To encourage authors/presenters and attract morepeople to this activity, on the first session, Wednesday, 13:00, the best three posterswill be selected by a jury.

Poster: Proposal for a DCE Solution to a Large-scaled Distributed ResourceManagement System
Jun Ding, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of High Energy Physics, China,

Poster: Marketing Universities on the World Wide Web
Chung-Chuan Yang, National Institute of Technology at Kaohsiung, Taiwan,

Poster: Performance Enhancement by Controlling ACKs in TCP/IP over SatelliteNetwork
Ma Jian, Nokia Research Center, Finland,

Poster: A Password Authentication Method and its Applications
Tsutomu Horioka, NTT Human Interface Labs, Japan,

Poster: Experimental Investigation of Hierarchical Internet Object CacheCharacteristic
Bertold Kolics, Computer and Automation Research Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences,Hungary,

Poster: Traffic Models and Flow Control Algorithms in High-Speed NetworkEngineering
Vladimir Zaborovski, State Technical University of Saint-Petersburg. Saint-Petersburg,

Poster: A New Time Scheduler Application on Web Using Logic Programming andAgents
Ajin Jirachiefpattana, Prince of Songkla University, Thailand,

Poster: I-Net and Customer Service Delivery in Australia
Howard Christensen, Centrelink, Australia,

Poster: Development of Internet infrastructure in Ukraine and forming NationalInformation Resources
Yuri Demchenko, Yuri Korzhi, Global Ukraine, Ukraine,

Poster: Introducing Nested and Overlapping Links in HTML-Texts
Guenther Specht, Technische Universitaet Muenchen, Germany,

Poster: The End Of Symbolic Immortality: A Non-monetarian CollaborativeCooperation Model In An Internet-based Groupware Service
Roland Alton-Scheidl, Austrian Academy of Sciences Research Unit for Socio-Economics,Austria,

Poster: A Precise Copyright Control Scheme for Search Engines and WWW Browsers
Shuichi Tashiro, Electrotechnical Laboratory, Japan,

Poster: Negotiating Fees for Information Licensed for Use in Web Sites
Earl Humphrey, Financial Times Information/Interactive Data, United States,

Poster: New Domain Names Systems and Trademark/Brands Issues. How to Protect (orTake Back) Your Brand Worldwide in 1998?
Stephane Perino, Agence Virtuelle Group, Switzerland,

Poster: Internet Project in Belarus: Results and Perspectives
Sergei Kritsky, Belarusian University of Informatics and Radioelectronics, Belarus,

Poster: Culture, Identity and the Internet
Nils Zurawski, University of Muenster, Germany,

Poster: Wireless Networks - A Cost Effective Way To The Internet
Danton Nunes, InterNexo S.C.Ltda., Brazil,

Poster: An Internet Flowbot Protocol
Ee-Ming Toh, National University of Singapore, Singapore,

Poster: Health ONE - A One-Stop Health Resource
K C Lun, National University of Singapore, Singapore,

Poster: ARCADIA: an Architecture for Cooperating Information Access Agents
Pierre Bieber, ONERA CERT, France,

Poster: The Emerging Internet Landscape in Siberia
Serge D. Belov, Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Russia,

Poster: Global Spatial Mapping Of Influenza Activity - FluNet
V. Dias-Ferraro, World Health Organization, Switzerland,

Poster: TuttelCast - A Web Presentation Tool
Pierre Vincent, ENIC - Rue Marconi Cité Scientifique, France,

Poster: Internet as a Regional Change Agent - Current Use of GIS /Internet-Based Telemedicine and Distance Education Applications Working with HighlyAt-risk, Low-income Rural and Urban/Rural Youth and Families in the United States
Timothy Tyndall, Regional Alliance for Information Networking (RAIN Network), UnitedStates,

Poster: Fair and Scalable Naming Space for Personal Domains
Ishibashi Keiichirou, Keio University, Japan,

Poster: Networks Development in the Ural Region - From Hidden Areas to OpenSociety
Knstantin E. Lovtsky, The Ural State University, Russia,

Poster: The Effect of Centroid Size on Precision and Recall of Web SearchEngines
Pedro Falcao Goncalves, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brazil,

Poster: The Contribution of the Internet/WWW to Development of HealthyCities Programme
Greg Goldstein, WHO, Switzerland,

Poster: WWW Navigation and Database Search by e-mail (Next Generation)

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