INET'9821-24 July, Palexpo Conference Center, Geneva Switzerland

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INET'98 Speaker Guidelines

Pre-Conference Events Dates
Technical Tutorials:  20-21 July 1998
K-12 (Primary & Secondary) Workshop:  21 July 1998
Developing Countries Networking Symposium:  20 and 21 July 1998
Network Training Workshops:  12-19 July 1998
   (Switzerland and Brazil)
Press Day:  21 July 1998

Conference Dates
INET'98:  21-24 July 1998
Exhibition:  22-24 July 1998

Poster Session Programme
Set Up: Tuesday, 21 July, 16:00 - 20:00 (Exhibition Hall 2)
Opening Ceremony: Wednesday 22 July 12:30
Poster Contest: Wednesday 22 July 14:00 to Wednesday 22 July 18:00
Poster Session Days: Wednesday and Thursday, 22-23 July
Poster Session Times: 12:30 - 14:00
Removal: Friday 24 July, 13:00 - 15:00
Note: There will not be a poster session Monday-Tuesday, 20-21 July or Friday, 24 July.


Read Instructions and FAQs for Preparing INET'98 Posters The Poster Session is an integral part of INETí98 which provides a medium for presentation of interesting initiatives and ideas and a venue for close and intense discussions by all conference participants. The main objective of "Poster Sessions" is to increase the involvement of the Internet community attending the conference.

Presenters attending the conference should be present at the Opening Ceremony 22 July 12:30. Those who are unable to attend should ensure that their posters, including a short description of how the poster should be presented, arrive in Geneva before 10 July 1998, to the following address:

MaryRose Rudaz
World Trade Center II
29 rte de Pre-Bois
P.O. Box 896 1215
Geneva Switzerland

Read these instructions and Frequently Asked Questions if you have been invited to prepare a Poster for INET'98.

Poster Contest "Classical" posters, hard-copies displayed on a board, will be up on the first session, Wednesday 14:00 to Wednesday 18:00, the best three posters will be selected by jury which will consist of four prominent Internet industry experts.


Read Preparing a Paper for INET'98 Read this template HTML document for details on length, format, deadlines, and how to submit your paper.