Frequently Asked Questions For Preparing INET'98 Posters

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Instructions For Preparing INET'98 Posters

Will "online" posters be accepted?
Only "classical" posters will be accepted. "Online" posters will be refused on behalf of equal oportunities among presenters.

What size will the wall space for posters be?
1 m x 2.5 m.

Can we arrange posters in any format?
Yes. Posters may be composed of only one piece (1 m x 2.5 m) poster paper or a number of A3 sheets.

How are posters to be hung? By pins, tacks, magnets?
By pins.

Are their particular poster themes such as relief, health, education, etc.?
Any subject relevant to the Internet is appropriate.

May posters incorporate holograms?
Yes, but note that commercial holograms, logos, and advertisements are prohibited.

Do posters need to be rectangular or are other shapes permitted?
One rectangular piece (1 m x 2.5 m) of poster paper or composed of a number of A3 sheets.

May posters be framed?
No, posters may not be framed.

I would like to distribute handouts/leaflets/CDs during the Poster Session. Are there any restrictions on quantity, form, content, or format?
During the Poster Session, presenters may distribute handouts or leaflets or other informational media with no restriction on quantity or form or format. However, they should not contain any commercial information. Handouts should be distributed and carried by presenters (they cannot be stored at the Palexpo Conference Center).

Where can we look for information on previous INET poster competitions? Can we view samples of previous posters displayed or previous winners?
This is the first INET to host poster sessions.

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Poster Sub-committee

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