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INET'98 Proceedings
Welcome to INET'98 from the Internet Society

It's a pleasure to welcome you to INET'98, the annual meeting of the Internet Society.

INET conferences are fundamentally different from any other conference about the Internet. This is where the leaders of the Internet from many countries of the world get together, exchange ideas and experiences, and plan for the future. With between 100 and 150 countries expected to be represented, INET is truly a global conference. The interests of the global Internet and the aspirations and accomplishments of the many diverse countries of our planet are fully represented.

While you're here, we hope you'll not only attend the many program sessions (more than 150 refereed papers and panels), but also take the time to meet people from countries and cultures other than your own. Learn how the Internet is being developed in other countries -- what the problems are and what the successes have been -- and how the Internet and the substantial amount of information that it can deliver are changing education, business, health care, government, and the lives of individuals.

If there's one Internet conference in the world to attend, this is the one. We're glad you're here with us for INET'98!

George Sadowsky
Mark Selby