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08:30-10:30 Opening Plenary Session

Real Video

Welcome Address
Donald M. Heath, President and CEO, Internet Society, United States (Biography)
Pierre Muller, Conseiller administratif, City of Geneva, Switzerland,
C. Llewellyn Smith, CERN, Switzerland,

Network Training Workshop Address
Hans d'Orville, Director of IT for Development Progamme, UNDP,

Recognition from the Conference Committee Co-Chairs
George Sadowsky, Director, Academic Computing Facility, New York University, United States(Biography)
Mark Selby, Executive Director, Health On the Net Foundation, Switzerland,

Awards Session
Donald M. Heath, President and CEO, Internet Society, United States, (Biography)

Keynote Address
Vinton Cerf, Senior Vice President, MCI, United States ( Biography,

  Vinton G. Cerf


08:30-10:30 Plenary Session

Real Video

Industry Panel
Industry executives discuss their perspectives of Internet directions with regard to technology, electronic commerce, and trends in usage. What are the key issues or obstacles to achieving effective e-commerce? Who is making money on the Internet today? Who will be making money on the Internet tomorrow? What major changes in technology will occur in the next 5 years and how will that change the average users interaction with the Internet? Can Internet "self-governance" exist as far as industry and its needs are concerned?

Michel Treheux, France Telecom, France, (Biography)

James Richardson, President, Cisco Europe (Biography)
David Probert, Director, European Internet Solutions Business, Compaq Computer Corporation, (Biography)
Khalil Barsoum, IBM Industries, General Manager, Europe/Middle East/Africa (Biography)

Keynote Address
Franz de Bruine, Director of the Directorate F of DG XIII: Industry/Information Market; Linguistics


10:30-12:30 Closing Plenary Session

Real Video

National Governments Panel
This distinguished panel of government officials will discuss the social impact of the Internet and governments' use of the Internet for implementing (or influencing) social programs - education, healthcare, communications, welfare programs, economic stimulus, etc. Specific examples of how the Internet is used to achieve government objectives for the good of their citizens; and, projected uses of the Internet, in the planning stage, will be considered and discussed. Should citizens be "protected" from certain content? How can regulation improve access for all? What are the major constraints for Internet proliferation?

Bruno Lanvin, UNCTAD, Switzerland, ( Biography)

Irene Albers, International Policy Affairs, Telecom and Post Department, Netherlands,
Honorable Catherine Trautmann, Ministre de la Culture et de la Communication, France, ( Biography ),
Paul Twomey, CEO, National Office of Information Economy, Australia, ( Biography )

Governance Panel
The following major figures in the shaping of Internet governance models for the Internet Domain Name System and for the administration of address assignments will discuss their perspective on the role of governments in the governance of the Internet. What is the involvement of a national or regional government? How can they avoid being the dominant player amongst the many disparate Internet stakeholders? What is self-governance; or, what isn't it? Is the United States too dominant of a player in Internet governance? Does the EU intent to assert its power and influence in Internet affairs such as content regulation and taxation? Is the Asia/Pacific regional under-represented in Internet governance issues?

Mike Roberts, Educause, United States

Ira Magaziner, Senior Policy Advisor to the President of the United States, United States, (Biography)
Jon Postel, Director, IANA, United States (Biography)
Jean-Noël Tronc, Conseiller technique pour les technologies et la societe de l'information, France, (Biography - English) Biography - French)
Paul Twomey, CEO, National Office of Information Economy, Australia, ( Biography )

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