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Human Rights

There is little doubt that the Internet is one of the most powerful tools of the century for empowering people, fostering innovation, creativity, and building economic opportunity.

This global network of networks is helping empower us to access information and knowledge, drive transparency, and facilitating our active participation in building democratic societies.

However, the increased importance of the Internet has also led to increased attempts by some governments to control their citizens' access to the Internet, without due regard to the impact on their fundamental human rights. We therefore think it is urgent to address this issue.

We Focus on:

We view the Internet as an enabler for a wide range of Human Rights, such as the right to freedom of expression and opinion and the right to association.

The Internet Society is committed to ensuring the continuation of an open, global and accessible Internet, which can serve as an instrumental tool in fulfillng people’s aspirations for freedom of expression, as well as social and economic development.

We do this by working with all levels of governments, business, and communities to help ensure the adoption of policies that are not only technologically sound but also focused on human rights. Our community as well as our unique combination of technical, policy, and communication expertise makes us a trusted partner amongst those dedicated to a healthy Internet.

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The Internet Society supports the United Nations Human Rights Day focus on social media United Nations Human Rights Day focus on social media. The Internet Society is a strong advocate of an open and accessible Internet, and sees the Internet as an enabler of human rights.

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