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General Research

Internet Library of Law and Court Decisions
Updated regularly, the Internet Library of Law and Court Decisions is one of the web's foremost online case digests, providing in-depth analysis of over 450 court decisions affecting those who do business on the Internet.
FindLaw's Cyberspace Law
Search engine, list of sites, access to primary materials, publications, mailing lists and usenet groups, government agencies, law school course outlines, and software.
Internet Law Library
Portal site for all information pertaining to internet law.
'Lectric Law Library
Articles, news releases, court filings, and other resources regarding domain names, indecency, trademark, and copyright.
The UCLA Online Institute for Cyberspace Law & Policy
Articles on current events, bibliography of mostly offline articles in journals, magazines, and newspapers, topics in law and policy, and resources.
The Cyberlaw Encyclopedia
Thorough topic list, links to articles and cases.
Software Industry
"Software Industry Issues" covers legislation, government documents, reports, regulations, articles on e-commerce, intellectual property, and the National Information Infrastructure (NII).
The Practicing Attorney's Home Page
List of organisations and legal resources with descriptions.
Introductory articles regarding web site development, Internet service providers, web page linking, and intellectual property (by attorney Daniel Tysver).
Links to research sites, collection of technology law columns previously published in Chicago Daily Law Bulletin (by attorney David Loundy).
America Online legal department
Cases, legislation, with emphasis on intellectual property and junk email.
John Marshall Law School (Chicago)
Cyberspace law indexed by subject, with cases, statutes, articles from law reviews and other sources.
Net Jus Bulletin
An international e-journal about cyberspace and law, with opinions and articles, (also in Italian).

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