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Guidelines for Chapter Organizers

"Best Practice" summary guidelines for conducting a Consultation in ISOC

Version 1.0
Status: Final
Author: Sphere-Consult team
Date: 15 September 2009

This template is offered to anyone wishing to initiate a consultation within ISOC. It is suggested as a "best practice" template.

1. Statement

Consulting who: seeking high level or skilled group, which stakeholder groups?
Initiated by:
Triggered by:

2. Process details

Tools used: (blog, mailing list, survey – send URL )
Stage of consultation:

3. Description

Short summary of issue(s) to be addressed:
Summary in French (if applicable):
Summary in Spanish (if applicable):
Full details: (if applicable)

4. Timelines

Deadline for feedback:
Privacy needed:

5. Additional information

Other relevant information: