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INET 2005


The Internet Society (ISOC) held its INET MEA regional conference on May 8th. This was organised in conjunction with the Second Pan-Arab Regional Conference for the World Summit on the Information Society in Cairo, Egypt on May 8th - 10th.

The INET MEA regional conference focused on the technical coordination aspects of the Internet.

In the session entitled 'The Internet: How it works, Why it works, Who makes it work?' representatives of the groups and organisations that enable and support the operation of the Internet infrastructure gave first-hand information about just how the Internet coordination processes have evolved and how they work today. Speakers also included respected and experienced specialists from the MEA region who explained why the stability of the Internet is so important, and what can be done to maintain it. The session (held on May 8th) complements the session 'Internet Governance: Public Policy and Technical Coordination' held on May 9th during the Pan-Arab Regional WSIS conference.

'The Internet: How it works, Why it works, Who makes it work?'


  1. Introduction - What makes the Internet work? [ppt 185K]
    Speaker: Mirjam Kuehne - Senior Program Manager, ISOC, Switzerland
  2. ICANN: Internationalisation and Technical Stewardship of the Internet [ppt 4.6 MB]
    Speaker: Theresa Swinehart, General Manager, Global Partnerships, ICANN, USA
  3. NRO - The Number Resource Organisation [PDF 733K]
    Speaker: Axel Pawlik, General Manager, RIPE NCC, The Netherlands
  4. AfriNIC - The new Regional Internet Registry for Africa [PDF 683K]
    Speakers: Adiel Akplogan,CEO, AfriNIC, Mauritius
  5. UAENIC at a Glance - Root server and ccTLD operations [PDF 2.2 MB]
    Speaker: Mr. Abdulla Hashim, Manager UAENIC, United Arab Emirates
  6. Interconnections and Internet Exchange Points [PDF 551K]
    Speakers: "IXP efforts in Africa" Didier Kasole, KINIX, Democratic Republic of the Congo
  7. The Internet Society - Internet Standards, Education and Policy [ppt 95K]
    Speaker: Lynn St.Amour, President and CEO, ISOC, Switzerland
  8. Internationalising the Internet [PDF]
    Speaker: Mirjam Kuehne (material provided by John Klensin, USA)
  9. GCC - Project for ADNs [ppt 2.2MB]
    Speaker: Raed Al-Fayez, SaudiNIC, Saudi Arabia