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Piotr Cofta

Piotr Cofta

Piotr Cofta is with British Telecom (UK), managing Openreach Security Transformation. He is responsible for strategic socio-technical process transformation to one of key BT systems. His previous role in BT was a Chief Researcher, Identity and Trust. Before that, he has been working for many years for Nokia and more recently for Media Lab Europe, concentrating on the relationship between trust, security, technology and society.

Dr Cofta's has published his book "Trust, Complexity and Control: Confidence in a Convergent World" and has co-authored other books on trust and technology. He is an author of several patents and publications, from areas such as trust management,identity and privacy, digital rights management and electronic commerce. Dr Cofta is a contributor to several international standards; he publishes and speaks frequently.

Piotr Cofta received his PhD in computer science from the University of Gdansk, Poland. He is a CISSP and CEng and a member of BCS and IEEE. You can contact him or at