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David Smith, Deputy Commissioner and Director of Data Protection

William H. Dutton

David Smith

David Smith, as one of two Deputy Commissioners, is primarily responsible for the Data Protection functions of the Information Commissioner’s Office based in Wilmslow, Cheshire. He takes the lead in ensuring that the Commissioner’s policies and Data Protection activities fulfil the strategic ambition of “strengthening public confidence in Data Protection by taking a practical, down-to-earth approach - simplifying and making it easier for the majority of organisations who seek to handle personal information well, and tougher for the minority who do not”.
As well as providing Data Protection leadership across the Information Commissioner’s Office, David has direct responsibility for oversight of its Strategic Liaison Division which develops and manages the ICO’s relations with its key stakeholders. He is a member of both the Commissioner’s Management Board and Executive Team.

The international aspects of David’s work involve him in representing the UK on the Article 29 Working Party of European Supervisory Authorities set up under the Data Protection Directive. He was Chairman of the data protection supervisory body for Europol from October 2006 to October 2009. One other special area of interest is Data Protection in the employment field where David led the project leading to publication of the Commissioner’s Employment Practices Data Protection Code.

Prior to his appointment as Deputy Commissioner in November 2005, David undertook a wide range of responsibilities as an Assistant Commissioner. These covered the setting up of a new Regulatory Action Division, leadership of a Strategic Policy Group and management of groups responsible for ensuring compliance with the Data Protection Act across different areas of the public and private sectors. David first joined what was then the Office of the Data Protection Registrar in 1990. Previously he worked as a District Officer for the public sector trade union NALGO