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INET 1992 Proceedings

World Regional Networks

R1: Africa/Middle East
R2: Latin America and Carribbean
R3: Asia & Pacific
R4: Eastern Europe
R5: Europe
R6: North America
S1: Japan [the Host Country]

Network Policy

P2: Network Connection Policy
P3: Privacy
P4: Appropriate Use - Changing Perception with Network Growth
P5: Network Security
P6: Globalization of Networks

Network Applications

A1: The Role of National Libraries in the Evolving Global Information Infrastructure and Environment

(Paul Evan Peters, Coalition for Networked Information, USA; David Russon, British Library, UK; Pamela Q. J. Andre, National Agricultural Library, USA & Eric Wainwright, National Library ofAustralia, Australia)[to be distributed on site]

A2: Networks and Social Change
A3: Entry Level/Low-cost Solutions
A4: Network Management
T4: Network Operation and Measurement
T5: Addressing and Flow Control
T6: MultiMedia
Workshop for Developing Countries