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INET/IGC 2004 "Strengthening the Net: Building an Open and Trusted Internet"

INET'98 Proceedings
1. New Applications
Internet Security
Brokered Relationships
Indexing and Searching the Web
Can Standards Survive the Success of the Internet? (Panel)
WWW Application Management Systems
New Applications on the Internet
Unexpected Outcomes: Perspectives on the Development of the Internet (Panel)
Directories (Panel)
Web Caching: New Techniques
Distributed Multimedia
To Cache or Not to Cache?
The Future of Killer Applications (Panel)
2. Social, Legal, and Regulatory Policies
Internet of the Law or Law of the Internet?
Democracy, Organization of Information, and Content Control
European Governments and the Control of Online Content (Panel)
Legal and Sociological Aspects of Internet Security
Dispute Resolution and Applicable Law
Internet -- Communication -- Broadcasting
The Role of NGOs in Developing Internet Policies: The Global Internet Liberty Campaign (Panel)
3. Commerce and Finance
Internet Commerce: The Next Generation (Panel)
Building Blocks for Electronic Commerce
Document Architectures and Their Applications
Types of Internet Business
Commerce Issues for Internet Service Providers
Financial Issues in Electronic Commerce
The Internet and Global Capital Markets (Panel)
4. Teaching and Learning
Educational Networks: The Bias of Planning
Distance Education: Why, How, and What For?
Teaching the Teacher
How to Grow Courseware
Is the Net to Education What Steroids Are to Muscles?
To Net or Not to Net?
5. Globalization and Regional Implications
Globalization and Internet Governance
The Internet and the Transformation of the Global Telecommunications Industry
The Regional Geography of Internet Deployment
The Internet and Global Socioeconomic Development
Cultural Aspects of Internet Globalization
Overcoming Language Barriers on the Global Internet
6. Network Technology and Engineering
Building the Next-Generation Internet (Panel)
Future Networks
Active Networks (Panel)
Quality of Service
Emerging IETF Technology (Panel)
Securing the Internet
7. User-Centered Issues
Web Site Accessibility (Panel)
The Virtual University
The Virtual Museum
Community and Civic Networks
Users: Tools and Lessons in How to Help
Youth on the Net (Panel)
Sensing the Net
8. Health
Health Informatics for Consumers and Patients: Innovations to Extend and Enhance Health Care (Panel)
Targeting Special Populations with Health Care Information
Health Care and Current Internet Development (Panel)