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San Jose, Calif., June 22-25, 1999

Other Activities/Chapter Meetings

Internet Society Members Meeting

Friday, 25 June 1999
14:00 - 16:00

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet with the ISOC Board of Trustees and Officers and hear the latest about ISOC’s activities, initiatives, and plans. Come join us and provide your input and perspective to the Trustees and Officers, up front and personal. All INET’99 attendees and members are invited to this meeting.


Birds of a Feather (BOF) Meetings

These informal, interactive, information gatherings are set up by and for attendees who are interested in a particular topic. BOF's are a great way for you to meet peers from around the world to exchange ideas, discuss issues and share solutions. Open to all conference registrants; held Wednesday, 23 June and Thursday, 24 June, 1800-19:30. To arrange or attend, please come to the INET Registration Desk on the main lobby floor of the McEnery Convention Center.


Internet Access Room

Personal computers and notebook docking stations with direct, high-bandwidth Internet connections are provided in the area next to the INET’99 Exhibition Hall. (Full Conference Badges are required to gain admittance).

The Internet Access Room will be open during the following hours:

Tuesday, 22 June 07:30 - 22:00
Wednesday, 23 June 07:30 - 22:00
Thursday, 24 June 07:30 - 22:00
Friday, 25 June 07:30 - 13:00


New Chapter Workshops

Friday, 25 June 1999

16:00 - 19:00

An ever increasing number of ISOC chapters are being created around the world. Local chapters enhance, exchange and spark off debate of Internet related issues on a local or regional level. They also help to raise more general awareness of the role of the Internet and enable the point of view of the Internet community to play a key role in decision-making processes.

Those who are interested in setting up an ISOC chapter should attend this important workshop, which is free of charge. The agenda includes a brief presentation of the structures made available by ISOC to help in the creation of new chapters, explanation of administrative procedures involved in becoming an ISOC chapter and a discussion and Q/A session of specific practical problems facing the participants in setting up a new chapter. Participants will be provided with printed material to help them in setting up a new chapter.


Chapters Operational Meeting

Wednesday, 23 June 1999

17:30 - 19:00

ISOC president and CEO Don Heath and executive director Lynn St. Amour and chapter VP Ole Jacobsen will address chapter concerns and Board of Trustee decisions. New plans for Chapter Advisory Council and chapter involvement will be introduced.


Chapter Regional Meetings

Wednesday, 23 June 1999

17:30 - 19:00

If you would like to organize a regional meeting -- a ‘birds of a feather’ -- perhaps for people in your existing or proposed ISOC Chapter area, or for a larger area consisting of several chapter geographies, we have set aside time and rooms.

There will be a limited number of rooms available on Wednesday, 23 June during the 17:30 - 19:00 time slot. These rooms will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. We will endeavor to help schedule other meetings, but cannot guarantee a time or venue. To make arrangements for meetings rooms, please come to the registration desk.

It is the sole responsibility of the chairperson and others forming the meeting to attend, recruit attendees, and manage the meeting.


New ISOC Chapter Advisory Council

Friday, 25 June 1999

16:00 - 19:00

ISOC is forming a chapter advisory council that will be a conduit for input and advice from chapters to the ISOC Board and management. The formation meeting will take place at INET’99. More detailed information will be made available at INET or visit the chapter web page at


Report on the African Meeting - San Jose, June 25 1999

During the global Internet Society conference (INET'99) in San Jose, an African meeting was held on the 25th June, chaired by Tarek Kamel from Egypt, Pierre Dandjinou from Benin and Nii Quaynor from Ghana. This widely attended meeting reported on three main sections - the ISOC training and chapters issues, the status of AfriNIC and the activities of the African Internet Group (AIG).

Mr. Kamel explained that the objective of this meeting was to unite all the African participants at the conference to think about the evolution and development of the Internet in Africa. He invited two renowned guests - Mr. G. Sadowsky and Mrs. L. St. Amour.

INTERNET SOCIETY Chapters and Training Workshops

Mr. Sadowsky is one of the founders of the network training workshops, which have been organized by ISOC since 1993. He reminded the audience that the objective behind those workshops is to train, in networking technologies, a critical mass of trainers from developing countries. While these workshops have been highly successful, they have now reached a point of maturity that they can be organized on regional level as well. The costs of the seminars, including the travel expenses could be significantly reduced if such workshops could be organized at a regional level as well.

Such regional workshops have been successfully held in Latin America for the past two years. However, Mr. Sadowsky highlighted that regional workshops are not without issues.

To assure the quality of those workshops under the umbrella of ISOC, it will be necessary to identify the adequate human resources available to organize such training. The previous ISOC workshops have already trained sufficient trainers who could be used for future workshops. Mr. Kamel expressed his desire to see a similar workshop being held in the African continent, in parallel with INET'2000, on the same line as the one held in Latin America.

Mrs. St. Amour, in charge of the EMEA region in ISOC, talked about the pilot projects in place to promote Internet development in Africa, such as the Sustainable Training Centers are being created in Morocco and Egypt (Other initiatives in Africa are provided in the appendix). This has been in cooperation with the organization of Arab Towns.

Mr. Kamel gave an overview of the Internet situation in Africa regarding connectivity and chapter formation. More efforts should be made to increase the number of chapters in africa as well as to tighten the relations between the chapters.


Mr. Quaynor, chair of the AfriNIC Interim Board of Trustees, reported on the status of AfriNIC. He recalled that the objective of AfriNIC is to create a registry that will allocate and register various Internet resources, to develop the procedures for such allocations and provide training opportunities. Future members of this registry include all entities which will need direct IP addresses. The project, initiated in Montreal in 1996, was made official in Hawaii in 1997. A large consensus was reached in Cotonou in 1998 to create an interim Board of Trustees, made up of 6 representatives and their deputies. A call for offers was made to choose the host country. The offer closed on the 15th June 1999 with proposal from five countries - Egypt, Gambia, Mauritius, South Africa and Tunisia. The milestones set for the forthcoming months are:

  • 1st July - Formation of NAC (Neutral Advisory Committee) and the Board of Trustees sub-committee
  • 1st August - Delivery of NAC and report from the Board of Trustees sub-committee
  • 15th August - Decision of the Board of the Trustees
  • 15th October - General Assembly
  • 1st November - Creation of AfriNIC
  • 1st January - AfriNIC starts its activities

Mr. Quaynor reminded that organizations such as RIPE, ICANN, APNIC and ARIN has given their support for the training and advice needed.


Mr. Dandjinou, president of the AIG, spoke about this group, created in 1995 by the African participants in Hawaii. The objectives of the AIG is to have an African representation in the Internet community, to participate in the technology transfer from the North to the South, and to create an Internet-friendly environment to assist in sustainable development in Africa. An interim committee was elected in 1998 with a mission to promote Internet development in Africa, and through a mailing list as means of communication within the AIG:

  • To decide on its organizational structure
  • To hold future elections of the committee
  • To ensure that all future African participants in ISOC meetings and conferences join the AIG and participate actively.

Mr. Dandjinou listed the activities accomplished since the last meeting in July 1998:

  • Creation of the mailing list
  • Dissemination of information regarding the creation of ICANN
  • Organized a regional conference on Internet administration (Dec'98 - Benin), where AfriNIC and AFNOG was discussed

However, the final organization structure was not put in place due to the lack of fluent communication between the group. Mr. Dandjinou has stressed on the need for active participation from the African community on the mailing lists, leading to the upcoming organizations. With regards to the AIG, in order to finalize its structure, input will be needed on the members of this group, its missions, resources, services and its relation to other professional associations (AfriNIC, ccTLDs, AFNOG, ISOC Chapters, etc.)

The agenda for 1999 - 2000 is as follows:

  • August 1999 : Diffusion of the status on the mailing list
  • August - September : Comments and suggestions
  • Election of the AIG members
  • November 1999 : General Assembly and AIG'99

APPENDIX - Internet Initiatives in Africa / Contact Persons

Internet for Children: Heba Ramzy,
African Development Forum (ADF'99):
Sustainable Internet Training Centers: Lynn St. Amour,
Network Training Workshops (Madagascar) :Ramboasalama Hajanirina,
Network Training Workshops (Mali) :
Network Training Workshops (Mauritius) : Yann Kwok,
Network Training Workshops (Senegal) :Mohamed Seck,