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San Jose, Calif., June 22-25, 1999

Poster Guidelines

Poster Session Program


Tuesday, 22 June, 17:00 - 20:00 (Exhibition Hall 2)


Posters will be on display Wednesday and Thursday, 23-24 June, 08:30-18:00; and Friday, 25 June, 08:30-12:30


Posters must be removed Friday 25 June, between13:00 - 17:00.

Poster Session Submissions

1. Each poster must contain the following information:

a) Poster session title.

b) A 50-word description of the poster, including three (3) learning objectives.

c) First and last name of the poster session author. Note: Please CAPITALIZE the last/Surname.

d) Organisational affiliation.

e) Full mailing address, telephone and fax number.

f) E-mail address.

All correspondence is via e-mail. Please provide current and accurate e-mail addresses and inform ISOC of any changes to e-mail addresses.

NOTE: The Exhibition Hall provides the exclusive medium for product advertising. Poster Sessions should be directed at the substantive issues and be vendor independent.

2. Posters submitted to ISOC by May 15 will be included on the INET'99 CD-ROM Conference Proceedings. Posters must be in HTML format and sent to <> with the Subject Line "Poster". Posters received after the May 15 deadline cannot be included in the CD-ROM. Posters will be placed into the CD-ROM "as is" - they will not be edited for correct grammar, spelling or format.

3. INET'99 Conference Proceedings (including papers and posters) will be posted on the Internet Society's Web-site June 28, 1999.

Poster Format

1. "Classical" posters will be accepted, only. No "on-line" posters will be accepted for posting on-site.

NOTE: Push pins will be provided by ISOC to pin posters to the boards.

2. Each poster author will receive one 4-foot by 8-foot panel board on which to place their information.

3. Text must be in large type for people to read easily at a distance. Printing should be done on single sheets with a minimum format of A3 (11.693" x 16.535") or Legal (8 1/2" x 14".)

IMPORTANT: Posters cannot exceed the four feet by eight feet information area.

4. Posters should not be framed.

5. Poster text must be double-spaced.

6. Posters may include:

  • Graphs
  • Tables
  • Drawings
  • Pictures

7. Posters should not include:

  • Small type
  • Commercial logos, advertisements, or holograms

8. Presenters must remove posters on Friday, 25 June, between 13:00-17:00 hours. ISOC assumes no responsibility for posters damaged or lost.

9. Handouts or Leaflets

Presenters are encouraged to distribute handouts or leaflets during the Poster Session. Handouts may not contain any commercial information. Presenters are responsible for the storage and distribution of handouts. Storage facilities are not available at the conference center.

All questions regarding Poster Sessions should be forwarded to:

Professor Okhwa Lee < >

Tel: + 82 431 261 2787
Fax: +82 431 273 4031
PCS: 82 17 340 5897

Dept. of Computer Education
Chungbuk National University
Kaesindong Heungdukku
Cheongju City, Korea