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San Jose, Calif., June 22-25, 1999

What is INET?

INET, which stands for "internet networking", is regarded as the premier event in the Internet industry and provides an international platform for advancing the development and implementation of Internet networks, technologies, applications, and policies.

The world's Internet leaders meet at INET conferences to exchange experiences and shape the future of the Internet. INET attendees examine strategic issues emanating from the Internet's impact on commerce and finance, education, technologies, health and societies through the World. INET'99 will present a strong technical program with all papers peer reviewed by industry experts from around the world.

ISOC Mission Statement

"To assure the beneficial, open evolution of the global Internet and its related internetworking technologies through leadership in standards, issues and education."

Since 1991, the Internet Society has served as the international organization for global coordination and cooperation on the Internet, promoting and maintaining a broad spectrum of activities focused on the Internet’s development, availability, and associated technologies.

The Internet Society serves the needs of the growing global Internet community in a variety of ways: annual International Networking (INET) conference and other sponsored events, Network Training Workshops, tutorials, research, publications, public policy and trade activities, regional and local chapters, standardization activities, committees, and an international secretariat. From commerce to education to social issues, our goal is to enhance the availability and utility of the Internet on the widest possible scale.

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