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IPv6 Deployment Day

22 April 2010

The Internet Society IPv6 Deployment Day is a workshop intended to further the deployment of IPv6 in the Internet by developing topical information on IPv6 deployment. It is encouraging to see a number of operators and content providers deploying IPv6 for commercial operation in their networks. This workshop will address business reasons for deploying IPv6 today, relate some lessons learned from these pioneering commercial deployments, and discuss some issues facing the Internet community as a whole. The workshop is a working meeting. There are presentations planned as listed below, but the sessions are working sessions with the intent to discuss the content and produce materials for people to use in their network deployments and product development.


09:00 Welcome: Leslie Daigle – Internet Society

Welcome to the Internet Society IPv6 Deployment Day, Goals for the Day, and IPv6 Deployment Momentum

09:45 IPv6 Patterns of Success "Why are we deploying IPv6 Today?"

Elaborating why a number of operators and content providers have determined that now is the time to deploy IPv6 in their networks. The desired outcome here is to provide material that folks can use within their own companies to help decision makers understand the rationale for deploying IPv6 today.

10:00 Break
11:00 Panel and Q&A on deploying IPv6 Today

More on understanding deploying IPv6 today.

  • Tom Klieber (Comcast)
  • Cameron Byrne (T-mobile)
  • Tom Coffeen (Limelight)
  • Jason Fesler (Yahoo)
  • Nabil Bitar (Verizon)
12:00 IPv6 Resources

Providing pointers to existing efforts and resources for deploying IPv6. The Regional Internet Registries have been preparing themselves and working to prepare their communities for some time.

12:30 Lunch
14:00 IPv6 Deployment Beyond the Basics

Describing practical experience with deploying IPv6 in operator networks and for content providers.

  • Tom Coffeen – IPv6 front end support for content on IPv4 servers; using existing DNS infrastructure and anycast for IPv6
  • John Brzozowski - experiences in deploying IPv6 (PDF
16:00 Break
16:30 IPv6 Current Issues Facing the Internet

Elaborating and discussing IPv6 deployment issues facing the Internet today.

17:30 Conclusions and Feedback
18:00 End of Day