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NDSS Symposium 2004

The 11th Annual Network and Distributed System Security Symposium
Catamaran Resort Hotel
San Diego, California
5-6 February 2004-Symposium
4 February 2004-Pre-Conference Tutorials

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Welcome to the eleventh ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM ON NETWORK AND DISTRIBUTED SYSTEM SECURITY (NDSS'04) to be held in San Diego, California USA. Please join us to participate in what many members of the global Internet community have come to consider a "must attend" annual event.

We are proud and honored to once again be sponsored by THE INTERNET SOCIETY (ISOC) in 2004.

Catamaran Hotel

NDSS'04 brings together innovative and forward thinking members of the Internet community including leading-edge security researchers and implementers, globally-recognized security-technology experts, and users from both the private and public sectors who design, develop, exploit, and deploy the technologies that define network and distributed system security.

NDSS'04 provides a balanced mix of technical papers (with a strong emphasis on implementation) and panels who discuss and debate new and practical approaches to security problems that are endemic to network and distributed systems.

Perhaps best of all, NDSS'04 offers a myriad of opportunities for extended Q&A (during sessions) and "hallway" discussions in a relaxed, informal setting. This continues to be a hallmark of the SYMPOSIUM where attendance is kept to a level that fosters the maximum exchange of technical and practical information on the successful deployment of existing security solutions as well the latest on emerging, candidate solutions to unsolved problems.

Program Chairs:

Mike Reiter, C.M.U
Dan Boneh, Stanford University

Program Committee:

Phil Porras, SRI International
Dan Wallach, Rice University
Gene Tsudik, UC Irvine
Steve Kent, BBN
Marc Dacier, Eurecom
Leendert van Doorn, IBM Watson
Paul Van Oorschot, Carelton University
Lee Badger, DARPA
William Arbaugh, University of Maryland
Giuseppe Ateniese, Johns Hopkins
John Ioannidis, AT&T Research
Angelos Keromytis, Columbia University
Radia Perlman, Sun
Dan Simon, Microsoft
Diana Smetters, PARC
Andrew Myers, Cornell
Kevin Fu, MIT
Bill Cheswick, Lumeta
Eric Rescorla, RTFM
Martin Abadi, UC Santa Cruz