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NDSS Symposium 2004

General Chair's Message

Welcome to the Eleventh Internet Society Symposium on Network and Distributed System Security. This symposium provides a forum for researchers, developers, and users of security technologies to discuss the latest advances and exchange ideas.

This year the focus of the symposium has adapted to changes in the network security field, focusing on current topics relevant to protecting computer systems. We have a session on secure software, a discipline that if followed can eliminate many of the too often exploited vulnerabilities that pop up every couple of months. Recognizing that buggy code will likely continue to run for some time, we have a session on intrusion detection. The conference topics are filled out with discussion of authentication and security protocols. In the past couple of years the world has become more concerned with the security of computer systems; the developments discussed in this symposium will help us to address those concerns.

This year's symposium was made possible by the hard work of many people. The steering group which I co-chair with Lynn St. Amour from the Internet Society, continues to chart a course for the conference that keeps its focus current, relevant, and practical. Once again, Tom Hutton coordinated local arrangements. Terry Weigler did a wonderful job handling the logistics for the meeting with the assistance of Michele Estadt, making my job as general chair a breeze. Pre-conference tutorials were coordinated this year by Doug Szajda.

Long after the meeting is complete, the success of the conference will be judged by the quality of the papers selected to appear. This selection process was taken on by the program committee under the leadership of the program co-chairs Michael Reiter and Dan Boneh. I thank Mike and Dan and the entire program committee for their hard work and for the excellent program they have assembled. I would also like to thank the authors who submitted and will present papers, and the panelist who will speak during the symposium, for without them, there would not be a conference.

The Internet Society provided overall sponsorship for the symposium and I thank them for their support. Additionally, I would like to thank the National Security Agency (NSA) and the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) for their sponsorship of the symposium.

I am confident that you will make new contacts and leave the symposium with new ideas. I encourage you to develop those ideas when you go home and submit papers to next year's symposium telling us how you built upon those ideas to improve the security of your systems and the new security technologies you have produced. Above all, enjoy the conference.


Clifford Neuman
University of Southern California
Information Sciences Institute