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NDSS Symposium 2005

General Chair's Message

I take great pleasure in welcoming you to the Twelfth Internet Society Symposium on Network and Distributed Systems Security.  Each year we gather together, as users, developers and researchers, to discuss progress and exchange ideas in network security technologies.

Our program has always been flexible, adapting to changes in the network security field.  This year, our sessions cover advances in many current and emerging themes, including cryptography in network security, denial of service, peer-to-peer approaches, Internet defense, intrusion detection, and platform security.  We also hear from two authoritative invited speakers. Mr. Amit Yoran provides his perspective on "Security Challenges and Opportunities of the Future Enterprise", and Dr. Stefan Savage discusses "Internet Outbreaks: Epidemiology and Defenses."  And, for the first time in our history, we have a pre-conference workshop on Mobility and Security.  Generally, so much of what we do depends upon secure and reliable computer systems; we seek to improve those systems by meeting here to present and discuss advances in the state of the science of network and distributed systems security.

This symposium is possible only through the hard work of many people.  The steering group, which I am pleased to co-chair with Lynn St. Amour from the Internet Society, expertly charts a course for the conference that keeps its focus current, relevant, and practical.  Tom Hutton continues to do a superb job of coordinating local arrangements. Terry Weigler, with help from Michele Estadt, is magical with the logistics; the meeting simply would not happen without them.  Steven Borbash bravely accepted the task of Workshop Co-Chair, with Doug Maughan, and successfully charted new territory for the symposium.  Doug Szajda skillfully coordinated the publications as Publications Chair.  Finally, I am grateful for the masterful work of Karen Seo as Publicity Chair.

The quality of this conference directly depends upon the quality of the papers selected to appear.  Under the leadership of the Program Co-Chairs Dan Boneh and Dan Simon, the program committee chose an exceptional set of papers.  I thank Dan Boneh, Dan Simon, and the entire program committee for their expertise and dedication.  I also thank the authors who submitted papers and the speakers who present; you are the core of this symposium.

I am also grateful for our several sponsors: The Internet Society for overall sponsorship, the National Security Agency (NSA) for patron sponsorship, the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) for silver sponsorship, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for bronze sponsorship.  I appreciate your dedicated support.

Our symposium presents you with many opportunities; you are going to meet new ideas and new people here.  Just by showing up, you have entered the vibrant community of security researchers and practitioners.  I encourage you to consider what you learn at the conference. Ruminate, argue, and build on those ideas; then, submit papers to next year's symposium, telling us what you think.

I hope you enjoy the conference.

Eric Harder
National Security Agency