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Phone: +1 703 326 9880 / Fax: +1 703 326 9881

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Payment Information

All payments must be in United States Dollars.

If you are an Internet Society member or full-time student, you are eligible for a reduced conference registration fee. Non-member symposium registrants will receive a one-year Internet Society membership as part of the non-member registration fees. For more information on the Symposium Program, see the Preliminary Program page. For more information on the Technical Tutorials, see the Technical Tutorial Information page.

Special note for student registrants: In order to qualify for the discounted conference registration fee, you must provide documentation showing that you are a full-time student, such as a copy of your student ID card. [Discounted student tutorial rates are also available. Contact Michele Estadt <estadt@isoc.org> for fees.] This documentation should be faxed or sent via postal mail along with this registration.

Symposium Fee On Or Before
January 6 US Eastern
January 6 US Eastern
Student Fee US$ 295 US$ 295
Internet Society Member Fee US$ 485 US$ 555
Non-Member Fee US$ 595 US$ 665
Tutorial Fees
If registration for a tutorial is insufficient, it may be cancelled.
Full-day US$ 325 US$ 380
(Lunch included)
Tutorial #1
Network Security Protocol Standards, Dr. Stephen Kent
Tutorial #2
Deployed and Emerging Security Systems for the Internet, Dr. Radia Perlman and Mr. Charlie Kaufman
Half-day US$ 220 US$ 265
Tutorial #3  (Morning)
Mobile Code Security and Java 2 Architecture, Dr. Gary McGraw
Tutorial #4  (Morning)
Cryptography 101, Dr. Aviel D. Rubin
Tutorial #6  (Afternoon)
An Introduction to Intrusion Detection Technology, Mr. Mark Wood
Package (two half-days) US$ 325 US$ 380
(Lunch included)
Tutorials #3 and #6
Mobile Code Security and Java 2 Architecture, Dr. Gary McGraw
An Introduction to Intrusion Detection Technology, Mr. Mark Wood
Tutorials #4 and #6
Cryptography 101, Dr. Aviel D. Rubin
An Introduction to Intrusion Detection Technology, Mr. Mark Wood
TOTAL US$                             
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Method Of Payment

Payment must be received by January 26, 2000 US Eastern. After January 26, 2000 US Eastern, attendees must register on-site.

Check (Postal mail only)

Make payable to the Internet Society.

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Fax or mail a copy of your purchase order along with your registration form.

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