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NDSS Symposium 1999)

NDSS 1999 Dan Diego, California, USA

Network and Distributed System Security Symposium
Catamaran Resort Hotel
San Diego, California

03 February 1999 - Technical Tutorials
04 - 05 February 1999 - Symposium

Why You Should Attend

The use of the Internet is rapidly growing and expanding into all aspects of our society. Commercial organizations are coming under increasing pressure to make their services available on-line. This pressure, in turn, is increasing the need for rapid and widespread deployment of usable and effective network and distributed system security technologies. High visibility attacks on the Internet underscore the vulnerabilities of the Internet and the need to solve its security problems. There is growing concern for securing the network infrastructure itself. Recent trends in software distribution (such as Java and ActiveX technologies) have made certain attacks easier to carry out. Privacy has become an important issue for the Internet.

During this year’s Symposium, you will have the opportunity to actively participate in the dialogue -- ask questions of the speakers, raise your important issues during the panel sessions, and let other participants know of your requirements, observations, and experience in this important area. We encourage the wide-scale deployment of security technologies and promote new research that can address the currently unmet security needs of the Internet community.