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2006 Board Election

Candidates: David Isenberg

Organizational Members of ISOC:

I am running for ISOC Board of Trustees for the second year in a row. When Daniel Stern nominated me over a year ago I had already devoted my life to advancing the Internet while preserving its openness to innovation. I did not seek this nomination, but once I realized that serving ISOC was almost identical to serving Internet, I decided to serve whole-heartedly if elected.

I don't pretend to special expertise in technology or protocols or infrastructure. Many others within ISOC have such expertise. Rather I bring a broad view of how the larger pieces of the Internet fit together, how the Internet could become economically sustainable while remaining open, and how the Internet might serve individuals, localities, economies and humanity. The goal is a unified global Internet so we can learn to communicate as a cooperative, intelligent species and to manage our shrinking planet as the interdependent system it is.

As Trustee I would continue to support IETF, IAB, ISOC's education and policy work and .org. Issues ahead for ISOC include, (a) preserving the openness of the Internet by finding ways to allow open, layered access networks to be operated sustainably, (b) growing Internet infrastructure and education in less economically developed societies, (c) influencing international Internet governance initiatives to be appropriate and light-handed, (d) reaching out to Chinese and Indian Internet leaders, (and to leaders of other large subnets) to collaboratively ensure that the essence of the Internet remains unified, and (e) encouraging research into how the Internet might help solve real-world problems, for example into how the Internet might reduce energy use by substituting for travel, making transportation more efficient (e.g., via traffic congestion management) and mediating dynamic electricity generation and use.

I live a very public life on the Internet if you'd like to learn more about what would motivate my ISOC Trusteeship. I have an online biography and resume. I keep a current blog. I run a tech-meets- policy meeting, this year in collaboration with, called F2C: Freedom to Connect. I have written some essays that seem to be standing the test of time, including The Rise of the Stupid Network, The Paradox of the Best Network, and Buy as Many Nines as you Need.

If you choose me as a Trustee I will not take that Trust lightly. I will make time to serve ISOC, to strengthen it financially, organizationally and in every way I know how with total commitment. Please feel free to call me at +1 203-661-4798 or email me at with any further questions or concerns.