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2006 Board Election

Candidates: Artur Serra

Artur Serra developed a three year (1990-1993) fieldwork research project at Carnegie Mellon University studying the Computer Science culture at SCS, under an agreement between CMU and University of Barcelona. He discovered in this university the Internet and became member of the nascent Internet Society in 1992. After that, he got the Ph.D. degree in Anthropology for the University of Barcelona, focusing on technocultures. From 1995-1997 he worked as senior research scientist at the Department of Computer Architecture at Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, participating in several European projects, like COMIC or EPITELIO.

He was founding member and first President of the Catalan Chapter of ISOC in 1995, the pioneer chapter in Spain and one of the first in Europe. Then, he promoted the creation of other regional chapters in Spain and the ISOC-ECC. Since then he has supported the mission of ISOC local chapters as critical actors in fostering the use of Internet in their communities and designing Internet innovation policies and projects.

In Nov. 1997 he started and coordinated CANET, Center for Internet Applications at UPC, the first R&D Internet center in Spain. In 1999, he start with a group of professors and researchers the i2CAT project, the first Spanish research project on Next Generation Internet, in coordination with Internet2 in the US, CANARIE in Canada and other projects. This project became the i2CAT Foundation in 2003. Since then, he is currently their adjunct director.

His current research is focusing on the Internet of cultures as a new approach for building an audiovisual Internet for innovative and multicultural applications and services. In this sense, he has supported as ISOC-CAT member the .CAT efforts in favor of a language and cultural-based domain aproved by ICANN recently.

He has published research papers, articles and is an invited speaker in international congresses in Europe, US, Canada, Israel, Japan, Korea, Brasil, Argentina, Mexico and some Arab and African countries.

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See also: Internet Pioneers, in Who is Who in the Internet World, project led by Andreu Vea, former President of ISOC-CAT.