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2006 Board Election

Petitions: Artur Serra

It is my pleasure to communicate my intention to present my candidature as ISOC Chapters Trustee to the next election of ISOC Board through the petition process. At the moment, I can commit part of my professional life to this task. My experience in the creation of the Catalan local Chapter and its influence in promoting the regional innovation model.

My contribution to ISOC Board will focus mainly on supporting the role of local chapters in three directions:

1. To strengthen chapters' ability to innovate.

Internet is creating an open and distributed innovation model, where every person connected can develop a new application or service. ISOC chapters shall be key promoters of such new model. This distributed model is critical, specially for emerging countries.

Decentralization is the key word that not only applies to technology but it should also be applied to ISOC institutional model trough the empowerment of chapters and chapters' projects.

2. To support chapters' ability to educate.

To innovate, it is necessary to educate. Local chapters can influence the role of Internet in the educational systems. In particular, the promotion of a multilingual Internet is one of the chapters' crucial tools to introduce Internet in the local educational systems and a way to establish strategic collaboration with these systems.

3. To develop chapters ability to influence public policies.

Finally, local chapters can be an school of political leaders in the knowledge society. This is specially critical in emerging and small countries where the local chapters can be the most influential source of technical advise for the political leaders.

ISOC's project to establish continental councils shall be promoted as a key element to reduce connection prices of developing countries and to empower local knowledge and regional collaboration mechanisms. Those councils shall be established under a democratic, transparent and chapters-based model.

Best regards

Artur Serra
Founding member of ISOC-CAT
Founding Member of Coordinating Council of ISOC-ECC
Adjunct Director of i2CAT Foundation