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2006 Board Election

Petitions: Rudi Vansnick (ISOC Belgium)

I want to run for the Chapters Election, and I'm willing to make time available for this mission. 2005 has been fully dedicated to ISOC (Belgium) community and I think I can really bring some positive aspects to the BoT.

First of all, bringing my enthusiasm and several years of active work on the field, in Belgium as well as in Europe, more specifically the deployment of the basic mission "Internet for everyone". Member of ISOC Belgium since 1998 (one of the first members) I've experienced all aspects of the survival and maintenance of a Chapter. With the ability to communicate, to disseminate and to share my knowledge, I think I could help ISOC chapters to explore facilities and possible opportunities for successful events. As such, being active in a BoT, I think I can represent the expectations of most of my colleague Chapters.

Furthermore, below is what I believe we should go for:

"The mission of the Internet Society is to promote the open development, evolution, and use of the Internet for the benefit of all people throughout the world."


Within ISOC's worldwide network of shared purpose, the specific role is to promote the formulation and adoption of policies that make the Internet accessible to everyone; to safeguard the integrity and continuity of the context within which the Internet develops and operates; to support and contribute to the continuing evolution of the Internet as an open, decentralized platform for innovation, creativity, and economic opportunity; and to bring authoritative, unbiased information about the Internet to individuals and organizations in every part of the world.


In relation to the debate on Internet Governance, ISOC needs to focus on the impact of what's going to happen in the Internet Governance Forum. Furthermore, it is important to increase membership, chapters and partners in order to have more input from the grassroots and being able to adapt regulations and policy in relation to the requests from the Internet community.