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2007 Board Election

Candidates: Hiroshi Esaki, Ph.D., Japan

Resume (PDF: 38KB)

It is my great opportunity to be listed as a candidate of ISOC Board. I want to contribute to ISOC from the view point of "technical expert" and from the view point of "Asian Pacific region".

I have been serving more than 10 years for WIDE project board, that has contribute wide spectrum of Internet development and deployment. Based on the technical and practical collaboration with industry and government sectors, I have involved from basic R&D on Internet technologies, network operation, political discussion at government to global collaborations for Internet technology development/deployment. Also, I have involved in the operation of JPNIC(Japan Network Information Center), as a vice president since 2006.

We have intensively worked on the development and deployment of IP version 6 (IPv6), since around 1994. In recent few years, we have observed many key decisions in governments and industrial sectors. As well as how to introduce IPv6, we have faced how to coexist with IPv4 and IPv6 and how to manage IPv4 address and its network operation. We must establish global strategy to achieve effective and smooth introduction of IPv6 into all the countries and all the industry segments, which have used and will use Internet technology.

Another important issue is global scale information management. This includes technology development policy, global data management coordination, each country's government regulation/policy. The deployment of ubiquitous networking, such as sensor networking or RFID networks, lets huge digital information available from anyone, who is connecting to the Internet.

Now, ISOC financially supports IETF. This should be continued. However, we must look at other key NPO-type bodies, that are not only the standardization body but also other bodies, such as open source development body. Internet is the collection and collaboration of autonomous entities.

Finally, as for education, general and professional education for developing countries developed by ISOC is very important. However, we must also focus on the education to organizations (government, industry and NPO sectors) in developed countries, since they have huge influence to the global society.

Hiroshi Esaki, Ph.D