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2008 Board Election

Candidates: Olivier Muron, France

Olivier Muron is Vice President for External Affairs of France Telecom R&D. In this role, he is in charge of the relations with stakeholders, like research partners and agencies. Prior to that, when he joined France Telecom in 1997, he was Head of the Department in charge of the steering of R&D programs in the field of high-speed networking and electronic commerce.

Since 1998, Olivier Muron has taken an active role in the consensus-building effort that led to the creation of ICANN. He expressed his views on Internet Governance both at the national level (Ministries, Parliament, etc.) and at the international level (European Commission, OECD, ETNO, etc.). He is actively involved in ICANN policy development process, notably through the ISPCP constituency.

Prior to joining France Telecom, Olivier was appointed Advisor to the French Minister of Telecommunications at the end of 1996. He was in charge of the policy for Internet development and the Information Highways programs.

In 1994, Olivier Muron was appointed Vice-President, Marketing and Technology Transfer, of INRIA (French National Research Institute in Information Technology). He launched research areas for Inria in the telecom field, like an experimentation of high speed Internet access in the Paris Cable TV network.

During his tenure from 1986 to 1994 at the French Ministry of Industry, Olivier Muron was Head of the Information Technology Department. His responsibility included the financing of R&D programs and the standardisation policy.

From 1977 to 1986, Olivier was a Research Scientist at INRIA (French National Research Institute in Information Technology). He conducted research on modelling and control of large systems and signal processing applied to echo cancellation.

During that period he also taught at the University Paris-Dauphine.

Olivier holds a Master's and Ph.D. degrees in Statistics from the University of California (Berkeley). He was a Lecturer at this University in 1975.

Olivier received an Engineer degree from Ecole Centrale de Paris in 1971.

Olivier Muron is a Member of the Executive Board of RIAM (Reseau pour la Recherche et l'Innovation en Audiovisuel et Multimedia), the French national research program in the field of multimedia. He is also a member of the Board of the technology clusters Cap Digital and Systematic launched in the Paris region to foster innovation in information technology.

His personal interests include swimming and detective novel reading. Olivier and his wife Christine were married in 1983 and have three children.