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2007 Board Election

Profile: Rudi Vansnick, Belgium

Since 1994 involved in the Internet world through an EU project "Developping European SME's", I became member of ISOC in 98. A few years later (2000), I took over the chairman's function from Ms Jorgenssen. Goal of the first 2 years was essentially focused around recognition and confirmation of the presence of the Internet community under the umbrella of ISOC Belgium.

For those who did not yet got a view on my person, here are some dates and facts from the past 4 years.

Being elected chair of the election committee of ISOC-ECC, I was confronted with issues of election based on premature rules and regulations. A lesson I learned out of this : any function in the start-up phase of an organisation requires many hours of study, preparation in order to present a comprehensive document for everyone, especially if cultures and languages are so different. Meanwhile ISOC-ECC is a fullgrown baby, thanks to the efforts of the actual board.

Working on several websites such as the, the Chapter Delegates forum (no longer active today) kept me in touch with colleague Chapters around the world.

2005 I made my first steps towards international recognition as I was elected national expert for the World Summit Awards and later on selected grand jury member of the World Summit Awards 2005 in Bahrain. I participated at the Vienna conference, in preparation of the WSIS in Tunis, was invited by the minister of ICT and Science of Bangladesh as keynote speaker at the conference "Road to Tunis" where I participated in drafting the Bangladesh statement for Tunis.

2006 more and more involved in breaching the Digital Divide through projects with support of regional and European organisations. Capturing the voices of the Internet user, individual as well as from organisational environment, it is quite important to understand the needs and burdens. Most difficult hurdle to take : culture and technology are far away from eachother, while they should be supportive to oneanother. One of the topics ISOC should also keep an eye on.

The evolution of the cyberspace, the existence of cybercriminality, lack of basic regulations for respect of the privacy of each individual I would like to bring my efforts to the ISOC community throughout the creation of a common platform for the Chapters community, such as we have been working on with ISOC-ECC. Policy is a strong word but as long as we are not able to stabilise the Internet by avoiding interference of illegal organisations and persons policy will only exist on paper. Effective actions on the field are required in order to bring the Internet to each individual in respect with his/her own culture and language. Cross border debates would make it easier for everyone, included government and legal bodies, to understand the needs and requirements of the Internet community.

That's what I would like to work on being member of the Board of Trustees, if you whish I'm ready for it.

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